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{Cookbook Crazy} They’re here!!!

So I began saving up mid last year for the cookbooks on my wishlist, setting aside a little bit of money from my school allowances and salary in a tiny white envelope which I labeled, creatively, my “Cookbook Fund”. And then when I got into browsing Amazon for cookbook recommendations, another envelope was born, this time labeled “Amazon Fund”. I picked about a dozen books which I decided Amazon offered the best value for, and about 4 months later, I was able to gather enough money to buy my top 11 cookbooks plus an ice cream maker.

Upon clicking that little “Add to cart” button, I was filled with mixed emotions: anticipation, excitement, impatience, nervousness, just to name a few. Ever since I became interested in the world of food, baking and cooking have become more than a hobby for me. They have become one of those things I truly want to adopt into my life- a regular fixture, a habit.

Sometimes I am afraid that all this cookbook buying will be for naught. What if I suddenly become disinterested in cookery, wouldn’t it be such a waste of money? What would I do with all these books? But the thing is, we all need to cook at some point in our lives. Because food is a basic need of every human being, why not be knowledgeable about something you will end up doing the rest of your life? And I’m not even talking about opening a restaurant or bakery. There is no rule about cooking restaurant-level meals in the comfort of your own home, is there? Luckily I’ve always been the type of person who aims to be good at the things I enjoy doing, and I just know that these cookbooks will only motivate me to get better at cookery.



The hardest part was actually waiting. Amazon does not ship for free here in the Philippines, so I had to cook up some inexpensive way to get them to me. With the help of one of my Dad’s good friends in California, and a ginormous balikbayan shipping box, I was set. Little did I know that when you send your package via a budget route, it takes nearly forever. It took about 2 months for this package to get to me, but it was so worth the wait! Opening the box felt like I was about to open a magic door. I had my face of wonderment on; all that was missing were the rays of golden light, and possibly a unicorn jumping out from some magical place within.

You’ve no idea how warm and fuzzy I feel inside every time I see these photos, and even more so every time I see my books stacked on my shelf. Honestly, I am going to need a new book shelf. And also I need to stop myself from stepping into any more bookstores for the rest of the year, at the risk of buying more cookbooks. I can’t say I’ve caught the disease of uncontrollable cookbook buying, but it would seem I am on the way there. Must practice restraint!

I’m quite excited to write about my first impressions and thoughts on each of the books, but for now I must answer the difficult question of which one to read first!

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