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A little late recipe round-up for Nutella Day 2014

So as most Nutella-lovers know, a couple of days ago World Nutella Day was celebrated, and I unfortunately did not have time this year to make any Nutella treat. But looking through my archives I see that I have some really awesome Nutella recipes that are worth mentioning anyway even though I’m a few days late. Hopefully you find something you like enough to make, because Nutella is not just awesome on bread or from a spoon, it’s really great for pastries and ice cream as well, especially when mixed with bananas. It’s why Nutella is one of my favourite ingredients to work with.

Well let’s get down to it!

1. Thinking of a way to make breakfast a little more exciting? Look no further and make these Nutella-Banana French Toasts in the morning! You can thank me later. 😉

2. One of the most indulgent cupcakes I’ve ever made, these are THE perfect cupcakes for Nutella/Ferrero Rocher lovers. I made these Nutella Surprise Cupcakes for one of my bestest friends who is a Ferrer Rocher addict, and he inhaled two cupcakes in a span of 3 minutes. This is the real deal folks.

3. As unassuming as they look, these Banana, Nutella, and Oat Muffins really pack a punch in terms of flavour. The oats, bananas, and Nutella work so well together that they manage to tickle the tastebuds.

4. Easily one of my favourite ice creams EVER, this Nutella-Banana Ice Cream recipe requires only 4 ingredients but it is soooooo good beyond words. If there’s one recipe I will beg you to make from this list, this is it!

5. These amazing Chocolate-Banana Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting are a favourite at home. Moist chocolate cake flavoured and sweetened by bananas, the addition of the Nutella frosting really lifts this up to another level of yum!

I hope you give at least one of these five recipes a try. You won’t regret any of them. I promise!

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