Say hooray for Breakfast!

I’ve been mentioning from the start how breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. It’s not only something that brings fuel to your body at the start of every day; eating the right kind of breakfast will inevitably affect your mood. What’s more, eating it with the right people inside the right kind of environment can automatically give your day a big boost in the right direction.

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Personally, while I enjoy quiet mornings on my own with my requisite coffee in hand, I must say I enjoy it a lot more when I’m sitting on the breakfast table and I’m joined by my crazy family.

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My family and I used to join Fun Runs every Sunday and even after all the sweat and erstwhile grumpiness from an early morning we would somehow find ourselves at the door of a nearby McDonald’s.

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It’s not exactly the only breakfast place there is, and it’s always full of people, and yet there we are, craning our necks in search of an empty set of seats.

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There’s something comforting about going into a McDonald’s, you know? Especially in the morning after a long run, you can just plop down on a chair and sip a hot cup of joe at your leisure. McDonald’s has been there since I was a kid and while its structures and interior may change, the feeling of familiarity remains. And I’m not even a fast-food kind of gal.

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But over the years, if there’s one thing I’ve grown to admire about McDonald’s, it’s their promotion of the importance of breakfast.

McDonald’s offers a variety of breakfast meals daily from 4 AM to 10 AM. And they can accommodate you whether you’re in the mood for Dine-in or Take-out; or even through McDelivery so you can get a surprise McDonald’s breakfast ready before people in the house rise from their beds.

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Whenever my family and I go for Sunday breakfasts at McDonald’s, we usually end up ordering one of everything from the breakfast menu. Each one of us has a special preference for breakfast and it just so happens there was something that satisfied each of our cravings. Some are in the mood for McMuffins or early-morning chicken rice meals.

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My brother Jason is always in the mood for McSpicy, any time of the day.

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One of my brothers had a Big Breakfast Platter as was fit for his appetite, with a side of the all-time favourite hash brown of course.

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I had pancakes because I was feeling nostalgic for it. I added a touch of strawberry preserve and pancake syrup. Yummeh.

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Awesome part is that for as low as Php50, you can get your fill of a McDonald’s breakfast made from quality ingredients like Grade A eggs in their Egg McMuffins, freshly served straight from the griddle. Whatever McMuffin you choose, you must not forget your cup of freshly brewed McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee. Me, I can’t function well without coffee.

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Breakfast means a lot of things to a lot of people. It might be that tiny moment of quiet to read the paper and stew in your thoughts. (I can definitely relate to that!)

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It might be a time for friends or couples to meet up before heading off to separate workplaces.

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Or it can be an early morning family bonding session. (Just like what we do!)

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And maybe even a time for some brotherly synchronized eating.

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Whatever it may be to you, something’s for sure: Starting your day with a great breakfast will certainly get you to say ‘Hooray for Today!’

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Full disclosure: This post was sponsored by McDonald’s but all opinions and experiences shared are my own. Being someone who knows the importance of (and just plainly loves) breakfast, I willingly wrote this entry to advocate it.

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