Some of my Mother’s favourite recipes

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers the world over! This is the day we kids should make extra special effort to show how much we love the woman who brought us into this world! I can’t even begin to express to my Mom how grateful I am for everything– everything!— she has ever done for me and taught me. She has given me advise whenever I needed it even if I was too stubborn or proud to ask, and in her own way she has taught me the most valuable lessons I need in my life. It’s funny to even hear her talk about my horrible spoiled brat phase as a young child, because then you’d know she tolerated me in a way that only parents, specifically mothers, do. Some of these things I’ll only understand when I become a mother myself.

In the days since I started my blog, my mother was a constant taste-tester. She always had her hand in the cookie jar, and when I asked she would readily provide me with comments I need to improve on certain recipes. But today I’m listing down seven of the recipes she particularly loved among the hundreds I’ve made thus far:

7. Lemon-Scented Pull-Apart Coffee Cake— This is one of my favourite breads in the whole world but since my mother doesn’t have a super particular fondness for lemon this stays at number 7. However even she has to admit that these were pretty darn good! It’s like eating lemon clouds, which is heaven for lemon-lovers like me! The addition of the cream cheese glaze lifts it up to perfection.
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6. Coffee Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies— When my Mother tasted this, she declared it was one of he favourite cookies I’ve ever made. The coffee, coconut, and chocolate chips really combine together to create the perfect trifecta of flavours. My Mother likes coffee and chocolate chip cookies separately, but combining them into a cookie was brilliant as far as I was concerned. Plus these cookies had the crunchy shell and chewy center we so love in our cookies.
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5. Braided Lemon Bread— My Mother’s a cheese lover so it was no surprise she enjoyed these thanks to the presence of cream cheese. It combines excellently with lemon, creating a great explosion of tang in every bite! The bread itself has a lovely crumb.
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4. Barbecue Chicken Braid— The best thing that came out of this, aside from the discovery of a fantastic bread, was that when I randomly pulled out a sauce from the supermarket shelf to use in these, my mother discovered her favourite BBQ sauce. This bread is soft inside but crunchy outside. Best eaten warm oozing with cheese, onions, and barbecue chicken. 
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3. Avocado Pound Cake— This was surprisingly good and very different, which is why both my Mother and I adored them. The texture was amazing, melt-in-your mouth moist while at the same time offering this grittiness provided by the cornmeal. And of course, it tastes like sweet avocado! 
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2. Triple Chocolate Whole Wheat Zucchini Bread— One of my first cakes posted on this blog, the loaf were cooling by the window when my mother decided to slice into it. And then she took another slice until I caught her! And when I told her there were zucchinis in them she was rightly shocked, but she asked me to make them again. The best part about this moist and tender quickbread are the gooey chocolate specks that surprise in every bite.
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1. Chocolate Banana Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting— There’s really only one thing you need to know about these cupcakes and that is how my Mother could not stop raving about them. One bite was all it took before she was completely hooked, and she kept telling me to make more cupcakes like these. In a nutshell these are moist and deeply chocolatey, sweetened by bananas and glorious Nutella frosting!
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  1. i love eveything, but my favorites are Barbecue Chicken Braid and Avocado Pan Cake


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