A Holiday Feast of the yummy kind from S&R

What a flurry this year’s Christmas season has been for me. The days went by too quickly, leaving me almost breathless to catch up. One day trickled into the next until I was surprised to see that it was just a week before Christmas!

Last-minute preparations. Choices of dishes for a potluck party. Presents. These three seem to be on constant replay in anyone’s mind lately. But of the three I think the simplest to take on is the second problem: what to bring to a potluck party?

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Well I have some parameters I always consider when it comes to this, and it seems the first one always involves the question: Is it a crowd-favourite? I mean, people have to like it enough to gobble it up right? Is it yummy enough and does it smell great enough to induce cravings? Next is the price. With the amount of gifts and party contributions, we all are be conscious about our budgets.

It seems that S&R’s Holiday Feast Meal Set hits my conditions squarely in the face. At Php 999, you get one whole of S&R’s signature ginormous New York-style pizzas (and I seriously mean GINORMOUS), 6 pcs of Southern-Style Chicken, plus 3 22-ounce cups of soda. That’s a lot for Php 999, in my opinion.

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I went ahead and bought a slice of pizza and a box of the chicken so I could try out the components of the feast.

These days, S&R’s food service counter has grown to become extremely popular, and it’s no surprise especially since they manage to churn out yummy quality food at an affordable price. It’s become an automatic response by nearly every S&R customer to flock to the food area after a round of shopping. Here they can get a fill of churros or calzones or fries or pizza… Comfort food for a lot of people, if you will. Of course you have to be a member to enjoy all these!

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For the Holiday Feast, you get your delicious pizza, made in the New York fashion which mainly means it is a soft thin-crust pizza that has more mozzarella cheese than tomato sauce on top. You have a say on your flavour of choice whether it be Cheese, Pepperoni, or Combo. You can also have it cut up to the number of slices you want. This Holiday Feast isn’t really just something you take to a potluck but something you can enjoy with your family as well after you make the rounds in S&R.

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I ordered their Combo pizza, with olives and peppers on top that make it smell and taste wonderfully familiar. It’s quite a nostalgic thing I think. New York pizzas are typically large enough to be folded in half for easier consumption (also so that the oil doesn’t drip all over the place), and if you’ve ever at least seen any New Yorkers (even on TV!) eat their pizza, then you’ve got a good idea of what this is like.

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Just to give you a better idea, a slice is bigger than a grown person’s face! It goes for Php 99 but a whole pizza goes for almost Php 500, and if you’ve ever queued at the Food Service counter almost everybody goes for the whole pizza. Since S&R New York-style pizza does follow the traditional New York pizza quite effectively not just in size but also in style, I understand why they do. But I must say, if we do the math, getting a whole pizza is definitely more worth it too.

Now the Southern-style chicken is where fried chicken as we know it today pretty much stems from. Typically either the chicken or the flour is seasoned in various ways depending on the location before frying. To me, Southern-style Fried Chicken has come to mean buttermilk-tenderized chicken seasoned with paprika, hot sauce, and pepper.

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The one S&R serves is juicy, tender, and tasty. And it is a big serving, which is always nice! A box of six comes with large pieces of chicken that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and it smells incredible. You eat it with gravy as per norm. A box of six is Php 399 on its own. But if you bulk it together with the pizza and three tall glasses of soda the set meal is the way to go since it saves you your pretty penny!

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Bet you’re licking your fingers now huh? Go on ahead and run to your nearest S&R for a good dose of pizza and chicken, yes? 🙂

Full disclosure: This post is sponsored by S&R but opinions stated above are my own.

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