{Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

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I didn’t know what to feel when my father announced that the family was going on a trip to Dubai over the Christmas holidays. The truth is Dubai has never been anywhere near my travel radar, which is why I had no idea what to expect. So it’s a bit ironic (in a good way) that I come home declaring it as one of my favourite cities I’ve ever visited so far. And while that statement might come into question if I ever get to experience the Arabian summer, the Dubai during the cold season was certainly perfect!

DUBAI - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

I’ve been thinking long and hard on how I would go about writing my Dubai travel blog posts. It took me a couple of months as you can see. We dropped by A LOT of places— and by dropped by I mean we visited a lot of places but some only quite briefly— though it was enough for me to easily tell you which locations were my favourites. It didn’t seem like going strictly with a per day narration of our trip was going to work, so I’ll just try my best to create a sort of flow for this series of posts.

Just to give you a little idea of what to expect in this series, here’s a little travel video I put together of all the places we visited. I’ll add this as a footnote to every post I write about the trip from here on out. (And in case you’re wondering who the dude with the kooky antics is, that’s my cousin Eriko!)

Dubai is a beautiful city. At a glance, it’s quite easy to forget that this place is actually a desert that has been reclaimed and built over, with structures that are as grand and sprawling as any of the sheikh’s palaces. (And why not, since the sheikh does own a lot of the structures and hotels anyway.) The main city is extremely modern, but there are still areas where one can appreciate the “old Dubai”.

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Driving around feels a little like you’re driving in circles. Actually it reminds me a little of Singapore in that sense because it’s almost as if you take a few spins on different roads in the same area to get from one place to another. It’s really interesting to just watch the city pass by the car window as the place is a treasure trove for aspiring architects (like my brother!) because you can’t help but marvel at how unique the buildings here are.

16032650963 2edfc65af3 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16465158790 42bec58e5e b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

You might be curious at this point about the palaces, but we were only allowed to appreciate the sheikh’s palaces from afar. Here’s a family photo we took with the Za’abeel Palace in the background. This was more or less as close as we were allowed when we went there, but I am confident the inside is very lovely and extravagant.

16652559515 15f7cd3eb5 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

(The fact that they were all wearing sunglasses and I was not is entirely unintentional!)

A lot of people seem to have the misconception that when you visit Dubai, the gals have to be all covered up in head to toe black. But since Dubai is an open and global city, they have embraced the more modern way of living. Roughly speaking you can wear anything you want, but of course, there are still some places that will require you to dress appropriately, but I mean, isn’t it just normal to dress properly anyway?

Dubai has quite the diverse population, so it’s important to be respectful as well as conscious of how we behave while going around this lovely city. The law is quite strict so it’s quite safe here, so at least in that aspect you can breathe a little easier right?


16030244984 8753d25851 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

I found Dubai’s city planning rather meticulous. Most of the multinational companies are grouped together by field in a business district. And for the sake of uniformity, all of the houses and apartments are built using an Arabian-style of architecture, making the residential sector of the city look like a modern take on Aladdin’s hometown. A good illustration of this architecture for me is the Madinat Souk. On the outside it looks like a traditional Arabian desert home, but on the inside it’s actually air-conditioned and decorated very well! It’s a mix of old and new that works so beautifully!

16652536885 b9508ff31b b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16466396139 e2f9195b73 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16030252344 b982a268cb b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16626614066 502d56d97c b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

The Madinat Souk is actually an indoor marketplace that allows you to browse all the lovely little Arabian trinkets, jewelry, rugs and carpets, cups and saucers and such. 

16651152871 98b0b79d72 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16651554362 48bc64b201 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16465182120 ef56c012b2 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16464997358 651bb6cab6 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

My favourite things to look at are the stained glass lamps and lights. They are simply some of the most stunning I’ve seen.

16445245277 18b825eb9f b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

This carpet store is literally just like a scene from Aladdin.

16466389979 c997264ccd b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16032667003 89eedf247b b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16652546665 e147b6e0d3 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

The things being sold here are more on the pricey side since it’s really a tourist stop, but I can’t deny there are so many pretty things to see in here.


The markets are always a nice way to get a taste of the local flair, so visits to the famous old Dubai souks are a definite must. You take a little Abra boat ride across the Dubai Creek to get to the older part of the city called Deira. It does feel a little bit like stepping back in time to get a glimpse of what Dubai was like way before all the high-rises.

16651561772 0dca630809 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16466417169 03968a87a3 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16466419169 ddb04c798c b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

The Spice Souk is not the grandest of markets but it is much more full of life than the Madinat Souk, in my opinion. Here is the place hagglers will really enjoy being in, first of all thanks to the sheer number of things in the souk, and the fairly game storeowners who will keep asking you to name your price. Yes, even for the gold and the diamonds!

16651174891 0ec26b208a b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16032696213 037a35b7fc b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16466437509 b40477879c b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16032707193 f245da0d18 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16465203700 75cb105e8e b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16030291474 77d9ac625d b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

The souk is not crowded and is actually very organized, which I was thankful for, but what made my foodie heart really flutter is the insane variety of spices, dried fruits, teas, and nuts here. Possibly every spice or tea you could imagine! There are also a lot of dried flowers, which in hindsight I regret not carefully perusing!

16652584435 052de00009 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16445310707 bcdc2317d6 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

We managed to take home some saffron, dried figs, and a whole lot of nuts, but what I did forget to buy are the fresh vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks, plus the dried lavenders and roses I have always wanted to try in my baking. I know, I know. It was a very scatter-brained moment on my part. Sadly I foresee that it’ll be a long time before I can come here again.

Now that photo below actually has a funny story attached to it. Before I exited the Spice Souk, this guy chased after me, asking ‘Where are you from?’

‘The Philippines,’ I tell him.

‘Oh!’ He pauses to think for a moment, and with a twinkle in his eyes he says, ‘May boyfriend ka na ba?’

I was startled for a second, hearing such familiar words coming from a man whose face doesn’t quite match the language. Then I laugh at the joke and ask him to pose for a photo. He of course flashes an award-winning smile.

16465221110 86b9edc638 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

The people in the market are generally quite friendly and accommodating, but of course when you’re in a market you should not forget to keep your wits about you in order to score some good deals!


Adjacent to the Spice Souk is a place that is literally a haven for jewelry lovers. I’m not into that very much, but you really won’t realize just how true the talk about this being a city of gold and riches is until you walk into the Gold Souk.

16030308464 28ac3f92fe b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

The first thing that greets you is this display of the world’s largest… ring. I mean, it’s a ring if you’re a giant, but for regular people the size of this thing is more like a dress. It can cover up a person’s body, it’s so big! Called the Najmat Taiba (Star of Taiba) it is indeed shaped like a ring estimated to cost $3 Million! (FYI, it’s not for sale!)

16651199371 14f53c39c5 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

Just a bit of trivia, in case you’re curious:

  • The ring is 21-carat and weighs 64 kilograms. (We’re a few kilos apart in weight haha!)
  • It is studded with 5.1 kilograms of precious stones, including 615 Swarovski crystals.
  • It took 55 workers and 45 days to finish the ring.

Jewelry here is displayed like it’s normal wares and not composed of precious minerals. It’s crazy especially when you come from a country where jewelry stores would have state of the art security systems. Here the stores are regular glass-fronted ones, and all the gold simply hang from racks like regular fancy jewelry! (I guess it also goes to show that here in Dubai the law is truly respected.)

16032721123 a1d9a4cc21 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16445329027 69893d64fa b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16466453089 fe295c5315 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

16652609065 49167f4f10 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

I have never seen such an abundance of gold and diamonds in one place.

Unfortunately I can’t really relate any gold buying experience since I didn’t buy anything from the Gold Souk. However I’ve heard that when you step into the store, the sellers would actually ask you what price you want to buy the jewelry for, and you start bargaining from there. Some people have successfully bought their jewelry at unheard of low prices.

Extra tip!

Nestled somewhere between the Gold and Spice Souks is this little shop that makes sand art in a bottle. Apart from the fact that watching the process of making these is quite awesome (you can see it on the video I have above), this is probably one of the most representative souvenirs you can get from Dubai– a bottle of sand with the colourful images of this lovely desert city inside.

16651600862 d1672ef8b1 b - {Dubai 2014} Exploring the city + Souks of Dubai

Yep, I’m the girl who bought one of these but ended up empty-handed at the Gold Souk. 🙂

So how did you find this first post so far? I’ve still got a lot of lovely Dubai sights and experiences in store! The links below will begin working as the days go by so stay tuned for the rest of my posts in this series. I cannot wait to show you the desert!

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  1. Kris
    5 April, 2015

    Hi, I am planning to visit dubai this year. I’ve read a lot of blogs about the great destinations in Dubai. Indeed your article add something for me to do. Do you have any recommendation for a 3-day travel? By the way, I am a natural food enthusiast and would like to taste something new every time I travel. I also heard from my Lebanese friends that Filful Beirut is opening in Dubai. Have any idea?

    1. Clarisse
      5 April, 2015

      Hi there! My top two recommendations for must-do’s in Dubai is experiencing the Desert Safari, as well as the Yellow Boats if you aren’t afraid of being in a fast boat in the open water. 🙂

      As for the food, unfortunately since I joined a packaged tour I didn’t get to explore any of the interesting restaurants apart from the ones I mentioned inside Burj Al Arab and Atlantis. 🙁

    2. Places To Visit In Dubai
      3 January, 2019

      For Restaurants, I would suggest you try Souk Al Bahar which gives you amazing view of Burj Khalifa in the evening and you can’t enjoy your dinner by enjoying food and Dubai fountain show with a magnificent view of the world’s tallest building.

  2. oceanairtravels
    7 August, 2015

    yes..dubai is a wonderful city,,and we ca easily access some other beautiful destinatios from thre..

    visit : http://www.oceanairtravels.com/destination

  3. Drea
    13 October, 2015

    Hi! Can you share how you got your tourist visas processed, and from where? My family and I are planning a trip to Dubai early next year. 🙂

    1. Clarisse
      13 October, 2015

      Hi Drea! Actually we left it to the travel agency. I think you should try contacting one to know the exact requirements. 🙂

      1. Drea
        3 November, 2015

        Hi Clarisse! Can you share which agency you used? I’ve been checking out agencies but would like to check out one that’s already been tested. 🙂

        1. Clarisse
          3 November, 2015

          Hi Drea! Just to warn you, I’ve been told the agency we went with charges quite high compared to others, but it’s called Goldmines Tours (362-9852). Try talking to Marilyn as she’s very helpful. Another option is the agency we used to go to called Uni-Orient (818-9585). Hope this helps!

        2. Flora Smith
          2 January, 2018

          Hi Drea! if you are looking for tour agent for dubai then i will suggest you to contact http://luxytours.com/. My experience with them was great infact if i get a chance to visit dubai again then i will definitly use their services.

  4. Scott
    3 November, 2015

    Hi Drea,
    Its very easy to apply Dubai visa
    Please click below link to apply Visa:http://www.dubaivisa.net/online/how_to_apply.html
    And for Airlines Booking to Dubai:http://www.rehlat.com/en/airlines/emiratesairlines-dubai-flight-tickets-booking/

  5. Gulf Jobs
    18 December, 2015

    Nice, interesting post… thanks for posting!

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  7. Prachi Sharma
    29 December, 2015

    OMG, Wow. Such detailed blog and so so informative. The pictures are awesome too!
    Keep up good work 🙂 !

  8. Bayan
    16 January, 2016

    hey im wondering what kind of camera you used for your photos, im traveling to dubai soon and want to take great pics!!

    1. Clarisse
      16 January, 2016

      Hi! I use different cameras but for this specific trip I used the Fujifilm XE-2. 🙂

  9. LenaGrant
    20 January, 2016

    Truly inspiring article. I have visited Dubai once in my life with my boyfriend. It was really interesting to visit museums and we stayed at a fancy hotel. Also my boyfriend have found ferrari for rent in Dubai cargetsrent.com/en/p5_rates_rent/m9_ferrari We were driving around the city at night. It was so memorable

  10. Iconic Dubai
    25 January, 2016

    Wonderful blog with some good collection of pictures. keep up the stadard

  11. Ed | Dubai Travel Blog
    14 March, 2016

    Nice blogpost. Very detailed! The photos of the souks are also great!

  12. Rudy Dew
    22 May, 2016

    Great post, now I have more places to discover in Dubai 🙂

    1. Hassan Morcel
      6 November, 2017

      Do let us know so that we can propose where to stay

  13. Panimalar
    23 June, 2016

    Hi im planning to visit dubai comin oct.Do u have any recommendation for 5-8days to travel?

    1. Clarisse
      23 June, 2016

      Hi there! I think what you should not miss are definitely the Dubai Desert Safari, The Yellow Boats, and perhaps the slides at Atlantis The Palm’s Aquaventure!

      1. Fion
        20 July, 2016

        Hi Clarisse, I am so keen to spend this year’s Christmas in Dubai after reading your post! May I know if you booked your tours through a local agent in Dubai? If yes, may I have the contact please?


        1. Clarisse
          21 July, 2016

          Hi Fion, it’s an agency called Connect World. 🙂

  14. Haze
    2 August, 2016

    Hi Clarisse, I and my friends are headed to go to Dubai this October and your blog is very helpful. Although not mentioned here, I just want to know if you are familiar whether E-Visa is accepted in Dubai? The company that will process our visa is based in Dubai, hence, they will just issue us an E-Visa, which according to them should not be a problem. Were you issued an E-Visa too? I just want to confirm so that I don’t have to pay for the courier fee is E-Visa is actually acceptable. Thank you!

    1. Clarisse
      3 August, 2016

      Hi! Sorry it took me a while to respond. I have forgotten what kind of visa we used so I had to ask around about this. My friend at a travel agency said that eVisa is okay. 🙂

  15. Mr.Ajay Jain
    23 August, 2016

    Beautiful Blog Post..Thanks For Sharing

  16. Fadzliyati Kamarudin
    14 October, 2016

    Hi Clarisse, love your informative Dubai entry. The photos are awesome too. I am visiting my brother who lives in Dubai at the end of this month. Reading your blog, I just can’t wait to go.

  17. Kim Sanchez
    28 October, 2016

    Hell Clarisse! I was wondering, did the Philippine immigration require an Affidavit of Support, aside from the Dubai visit visa? I’ve been reading online and a lot of them state it’s a requirement of Ph immigration and without it, you might get offloaded. Would appreciate if you could share what you know. I’m travelling solo to Dubai next year.

    1. Clarisse
      4 November, 2016

      Hi Kim! Did you get the email I sent you? 🙂

    11 November, 2016

    Hi clarrisse, I am back from Dubai. Dubai was wonderful! Your blog is a great help, thank you.

    1. Clarisse
      11 November, 2016

      That’s great! 🙂

  19. Tanya
    14 November, 2016

    Hi awesome blog, and the pictures are great too, and quite informative, detailed but not boring.
    Can you please advise me on how to book hotels, and what to look for,and which site and any hotel in particular you would recommend in Dubai?

    1. Clarisse
      19 November, 2016

      Are you looking at the high-end ones?

  20. Mosafer Fine Art of Travel
    15 November, 2016

    Very detailed information about Dubai. When in Dubai you must have a YOLO experience to make the most out of it. Dubai is one of the most advance, progressive and beautiful country in the world. One thing I am dying to do in Dubai is to skydive the 1300k feet ^_^

  21. Ade
    26 November, 2016

    Hi clarisse

    I’m planning my Dubai trip in a march
    Won 2 free tix to fly there but I don’t know where I should stay…
    May I know which hotel you stay ?


    1. Clarisse
      28 November, 2016

      It really depends on your budget. The more expensive hotels like Atlantis offer some unique experiences, but yes it will cost a pretty penny. It depends how you take advantage of the amenities though.

  22. Elena
    3 December, 2016

    Hi, Very nice contents!!
    If you are in Dubai and want to travel around you must visit beautiful beaches and stunning mountains.

  23. Jenny Ongko
    6 January, 2017

    Hi Clarisse. When you stay at the Palm Atlantis , is it free to use the aquaventure waterpark? or we should pay difference entrance fee? thanks

    1. Clarisse
      7 January, 2017

      Hi Jenny! I do believe that access to Aquaventure is free if you are a guest staying in the hotel. At the entrance of the water park, they will ask for your room key, and once they’ve confirmed you as a hotel guest they give you a colour-coded wristband pass. 🙂

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  28. Shanawar
    16 March, 2017

    Nice blog, pictures are amazing. Very useful information for travelers. Keep it up.

  29. Anuradha Bajla
    6 May, 2017

    Hi! It will help if your writing is based on primary or secondary research. Section – dress code. Portion – “…..covered from top to toe in black as a traditional Hindi woman….”. Coming from India – the land of ‘Hindi’ – there is no such traditional attire which covers us from top to toe. Sari is our traditional outfit and it surely does not match your description. Black is so not an Indian color!! A bit of google-ing will show you the Kaleidoscopic colors using in my country. FYI! – A proud Indian.

    1. Clarisse
      6 May, 2017

      Hi Anuradha, there’s no need to get upset as I meant no harm by what I said. I think maybe it’s easy to take that statement out of context, and it is no problem for me to make some edits. Thanks for pointing it out and for the information! And fyi also, I may not have been to India but I have Indian friends so I am not completely ignorant, plus I know that you celebrate a colourful Holi Festival every year. 🙂

  30. Nick
    7 May, 2017

    Great post! I am an expat in Dubai, and have a lot of exploring still to do.

    1. Chichi
      3 June, 2017

      Dubai and the Middle East are wonderful if you know where to go – here is an article on the city by London based luxury Communications PR Chimere Cisse for Refinery 29 that you may find interesting: http://www.refinery29.com/dubai-vacation-personal-recommendations

  31. Jason Murrey
    21 May, 2017

    Very informative blog and good for traveler… Keep going on

  32. Zarah Ebiary
    6 July, 2017

    You have mentioned all the must see places in Dubai. You can feel the beat of the city in these places. I love going to Madinat Souk. I visit there often. Dubai has the traditional way of setting up the souks and I love that. If you have noticed the Mall of the Emirates shopping mall is also designed like an over sized souk.

  33. GeeCee
    19 July, 2017

    Hi Clarisse, Thank you for taking the time to share your trip with us. My husband and I will be visiting this country in a couple months and your blog was helpful in the preparation process. Warm regards to you and your family.

    1. Clarisse
      19 July, 2017

      So glad I could be of help. I hope you enjoy your trip! 🙂

  34. paulbvrm
    14 November, 2017

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    Dubai is indeed beautiful. A must-visit. Sometimes it is indeed difficult to imagine that the city is built on reclaimed desert.

  37. Bilal Nadeem
    15 January, 2018

    i didn’t know anything as it was my first dubai city tour so had much problems with the locations, weather etc etc. But this time i have researched a lot before taking off 🙂

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  41. Humyra
    27 April, 2018

    Which area would you recommend staying around hotel-wise? I am conflicted between booking a hotel in Downtown Dubai (nearer to the mall and Burj Khalifa) versus one in Deira (near the souks).

    1. Clarisse
      27 April, 2018

      It really depends on what you plan to do. I usually prefer the downtown area because everything is more accessible.

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  46. Shedi
    17 October, 2018

    Excellent post! I love Dubai, since 2013 living here and visited countless times before and since. It’s not for everybody and I completely understand that but what irks me is bloggers who write posts having a go at Dubai when much of what they are saying is wildly inaccurate. Your post is a refreshing exception, thank you

    1. Clarisse
      18 October, 2018



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