Kukido by Starry Nights Cafe, an edible cookie dough dream + a GIVEAWAY!

Are you one of those people who likes to eat cookie dough even before you get to pop them in the oven? Is it too easy for you to forget for a long second that there’s anything else you’re supposed to do with cookie dough other than put it in your mouth? Then you are going to love these. Cookie dough. In jars.

A little over a week ago, Van and Hana from online shop Starry Nights Cafe sent me a gift set of their Kukido line– assorted flavours of edible cookie dough you can eat straight from the bottle. That’s right folks. The great thing is they were also kind enough to sponsor a GIVEAWAY for you guys, where TWO lucky readers will get a chance to savour some of these Kukido!

Apart from the obvious way of consuming the Kukido, you can also use them as a filling for sandwich cookies! I made some as an indulgent snack, and even went all the way by smothering them with chocolate and sea salt. It’s not a requirement but sure is a fun option to enjoy the Kukido with, so keep reading to learn all about it! :)

There’s a certain charm to cookie dough that I think a lot of bakers can attest to. I myself have made quite a few chocolate chip cookies on the blog, but just because it’s not my habit to snack on unbaked cookie dough doesn’t mean I don’t see the sense in it. When something so vanilla-fragrant, so deliciously caramel-y, and even a bit chocolatey is staring back at you, why would you want to resist?

Kukido by Starry Nights Cafe boasts its usage of locally-sourced quality ingredients. The Kukido is also egg-free and the flour in the cookie dough itself is heat-treated, making it entirely safe to eat out of the jar. As long as it’s stored in the fridge, it can last up to 2 weeks in its optimal quality.

Kukido comes in four interesting flavours. All have super cute names that are referenced from popular culture, such as Harry Potter and Star Wars, with clever puns of the flavours inserted. The ideas behind the names and flavours stem from Van and Hannah’s love for films, pop culture, and good food.

Right off the bat when you open up each bottle, an amazing scent of vanilla and everything else nice fills the air. You can smell it from the other side of the table really. Smells like freshly baked choco chip cookies!

The thing I appreciated most about these is that they are not to sweet, making them entirely perfect for something you eat straight out of the jar. (It may not be wise to eat the whole jar in one sitting though! Unless you’re testing whether cookie dough coma is a real thing I guess.) I imagine these would be great for those lonely and intense exam days where you have to pull an all-nighter and you want something to give you a boost while studying. Or you know, it’s perfect for just when you want to eat cookie dough.

Alvin and the Chocolate Chipmunks

Classic choco chip cookie dough captured in a bottle, with large chocolate chips you can sink your teeth into. This one brings a lot of nostalgia and was a favourite for our in-house testers, aka my brothers.

Caramel Wars I: The Pretzel Menace

By far the most interesting; with solid caramel notes that manages to not be too sweet. The salt gives the caramel depth, which is always something I look for in any caramel treat. I looove that there are pieces of salted pretzel AND salted popcorn in here. Genius!

Eternal Hazelnut of the Spotless Oreos

The sweetest among the four flavours. There is a light hint of Nutella here but I feel like there’s something lacking that I can’t quite put a finger on. I think it needs some other dimension of flavour apart from just being sweet, but certainly the Oreos bring something nice to it too.

Nutty Potter and the Order of the Crunch

This is like a cross between Chocnut and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but minus the full sweetness. This one has a balanced peanut buttery flavour layered over the classic cookie dough taste. Tiny marshmallows provide an added texture!

Interestingly enough all these flavours leave you with one all-important aftertaste: COOKIE DOUGH! But if I had to really pick a favourite, I’d have to go with Caramel Wars, which reminds me of those slightly indulgent sweet treats in carnivals like salted caramel apples with pretzels and popcorns stuck on them. Is that a weird jump in thought-flow?

Kukido are available in two sizes: one is the 4-ounce jar (as pictured above) which is good for 1 to 2 servings. They sell for Php 80.00. And then there’s the 8-ounce jar which sells for Php 180.00, but that’s already good for 5 to 6 people. Because these are edibles they can’t exactly be shipped, the delivery areas covered by Van and Hana are still limited. But mostly they do deliver all over Metro Manila.

Apart from eating these straight from the jar, I thought it was great for making some Kukido Sandwich Cookies with Chocolate and Sea Salt. Just to show you what else I think you can do with these, apart from throwing it into vanilla ice cream or making chocolate covered cookie dough “truffles” with it. This is super easy, I promise you.

Step 1: Take some salty crackers, like Fita, and spread some cookie dough on one side.

Step 2: Sandwich it with another cookie.

Step 3: Dip half of the cookie into some melted chocolate. Mine has hardened a bit because I went a little snap happy earlier shooting the lovely jars of Kukido, but definitely make sure you melt your chocolate into a smooth and silky texture. Add milk if it’s a bit too thick.

Step 4: Let the excess chocolate drip off then sprinkle a bit of coarse sea salt on there. You can use Philippine rock salt, which I learned from Chef Gino Gonzalez is actually Philippine sea salt. (That’s a horrible mislabel if I ever saw one!)

And now you can just pop these in the fridge. Take them out only when you’re about to serve them, and you’ll officially have some sweet finger-food treat for parties or sleepovers!

For more information on Starry Nights Cafe and Kukido, visit their Facebook page or Instagram!

So now it’s GIVEAWAY TIME! This one is really easy! Just follow the instructions below to earn some entries, and then TWO lucky winners will be drawn randomly at the end of the period. Winners will receive TWO (4-ounce) jars of Kukido each, courtesy of our friends from Starry Nights Cafe! Contest is open only to residents of Metro Manila, Philippines, and will end on August 13th, 11:59 PM Philippine time. Winners will be randomly drawn (as long as they follow the rules!) and will be announced and e-mailed on or before August 16. Good luck! 😉

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  1. I love cookie dough because it’s sweet (okay, not too sweet), and I like all things sweet!

  2. I so love Cookie Dough because it has a very wide variety of choco flavours and sweets! Definitely a perfect comfort food <3

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