Five timeless must-have’s for our yearly Christmas reunions

What makes Christmas my favourite season of all are the gatherings and reunions. Throughout the year there are some reunions that happen due to birthdays and anniversaries, but the one with the best attendance record without a doubt is the Christmas party! Am I right? I wonder why! Is it the incredible food? The abundance of gifts? The general holiday cheer that is so thick in the air? Or maybe it’s all of the above!

Today I’m going to share with you the five elements that make my family’s yearly Christmas gatherings a memorable and happy one not just for us but for all the friends and family who take their time to spend it with us! 🙂

1. Festive decor

That exciting feeling of Christmas fun should begin right at the doorstep. During the years when it’s my family’s turn to host the Christmas reunion, my mother always takes extra care to make sure the house oozes of Christmas cheer. If only she could capture the scent of pine and throw it on our tree to make it like the real thing she probably would! But it really does help get you in the mood. 😉

2. Good company

The very essence of having a Christmas reunion after all is being able to see the complete cast of people dear to your heart. Everybody leads busy lives the rest of the year and I think all of us look forward to this most precious pocket of time where we can unwind and catch up with loved ones and friends. There is never a shortage of laughter!

3. Crazy parlour games

We may not get snow here in the Philippines but we’ve built snowmen blindfolded using nothing but paper and tissues. And it seems like we never tire of the classic “Bahay-Baboy-Bagyo” game since we’ve been playing it every single year since I learned it in one of my college retreats. I think games are a great way to create specific memories about the people we’re with, which is why in our gatherings, it’s always a must.

As the reigning champion of the Cup Stacking game (this is legit!), I know that getting prizes is just half the fun. It’s getting to see faces you don’t often meet throughout the year and hearing them have fun along with you that is the icing on the cake!

4. Exchanging gifts

I’m a believer that the more giving you are the more blessed you will be, which is why giving gifts is always something that excites me. I love figuring out which gift to get whom in an attempt to make it more meaningful. At the very least, I want to give to others what I myself would love to receive, and I think one less bath set under the tree is a bit of a relief right?

5. Great food, of course!

What gathering would be complete without good food? It’s the thing that binds everything together! In our reunions, we often have potlucks since we feel it’s nice to be introduced to new dishes each year, but of course we always have to make room for classics that can’t be beat.

Take for instance the macaroni salad, which is a Christmas mainstay in everybody’s party tables. You can add a little twist to it to change it up, but the very essence of it stays the same: creamy, flavourful, and delicious. A good tip? Use Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise to up the ante! Reunions and gatherings are made extra special with a big bowl of rich and creamy Lady’s Choice Macaroni Salad made by Mom at the center of the dining table!

Making this list has gotten me majorly nostalgic for the good old times, and yet excited for our upcoming Christmas parties! I’m particularly excited about seeing familiar faces over a large table of foooood! What new memories await? I can’t wait to find out!

Full disclosure: This post is brought to you by Lady’s Choice.

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