Some last minute joyful finds at #loveSnR

It’s official: Christmas is so close you can count it with your fingers! I love breaking out the knitwear around this time. It makes me look like I belong with the pine trees and Santa. All that’s missing are the reindeers haha! I took this photo with the giant cutie Santa Clause doll at S&R.

I’m really excited to have fun with my family over the holidays, but before that of course I have to make sure my gifts for them are ready to go! I’ve been doing some last-minute Christmas shopping at S&R and thought I’d do a quick gift idea round-up for you. I’ve already shared some S&R giftables in a previous post, but you can never have too many options right?

Every year when coming here to buy our Christmas food gifts for friends and family, I get thrilled by the prospect of seeing S&R’s gift baskets. I must say, this year they have truly outdone themselves! Right around the moment you enter the premises you get greeted by these impressive displays of imported gift baskets:

Christmas Snack Tote (Php 2,299.95)— This is available in various kinds, including a Gluten-Free and Organic version.

Houdini Gourmet Favourite Gift Basket (Php 2,599.95)— Any cheese lovers out there? I think you guys might agree that brie is one of the best cheeses out there and it can even be baked and eaten alongside the other items in this basket, such as the Snyder’s I spot inside!

Houdini The Exclusive (Php 7,999.95)— Also known as the “Holy moly! What a gift basket!” I imagine if you gifted this to someone they will love you forever!

If you’re more for the healthy food, S&R also has some fruit boxes for sale. This is a great pick for your friends or relatives who like fruits or even juicing. 😉

They’ve got a Mixed Fruit Basket (Php 699.95) all set up and prettified, but they also have individual fruit boxes, such as those for Fuji Apples (Php 399.95 for a box of 9s), Ponkan (Php 269.95 for a box of 6s), and an Assorted option (Php 599.95 for a box of 16s). Take your pick!

And of course I have to include here my favourite things to receive, which are chocolates! Look at these Hershey’s Snowman and Nutcracker Chocolate Bars (Php 99.95 each). Super cute! Mint chocolate lovers will surely be a fan of the M&M Mint Chocolates (Php 249.95).

These packages of assorted candy bars will definitely contain something for everyone! The Christmas Hershey’s Holiday Shapes (Php 849.95) and the Hershey’s Holiday Miniatures (Php 899.95) are . Or maybe Holiday M&M’s (Php 799.95).

Personally I am not a big fan of Milk Chocolate, but these Member’s Selection Milk Chocolate Almonds (Php 799.95) sure look alluring in their festiveness!

For the kids, these would be super great especially during the Christmas party. Just buy a styrofoam ball and decorate with a bit of Christmas ornaments then stick these lollipops (Php ) on. The kids will love these!

And there you go! I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas! And I hope you don’t stress yourselves out too much figuring out which gift to give whom. The gift ideas I included in this round-up thanks to #LoveSnR will surely please everyone. Happy holidays!

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