Making reunions to look back on with Lady’s Choice

As far as I can remember, our Christmas routine has always involved either going to or hosting Christmas reunions. It’s funny how this single thing has remained a constant in my life, but in each and every gathering we attend, everybody keeps changing. Seeing these different versions of everyone year after year is one of the things I really look forward to when attending reunions.

It’s kind of shocking sometimes thinking about how quickly time passes, because it seemed like only yesterday when some of my younger cousins were just teeny tiny adorable toddlers, and now they’re in high school!

I remember this one time we went to a pool-party Christmas reunion in Bulacan, and I couldn’t stop playing with the tiny ones, carrying my little cousins all over the place and even down into the pool. Now it’s impossible for me to even put these kids on my lap. (Unless I want to be squished.)

Reunions are truly something I appreciate so much because they give you a great chance to spend time around family, and a continuously growing family at that! Whether you spend it catching up, singing karaoke, or even just sitting around talking aimlessly about the latest trends and news, being with family just helps uplift the spirits, doesn’t it? And more reunions give me more pictures to look back on, just like these old ones from way back in 2009!

And of course we must not forget about the delicious Christmas feast! When people talk about gaining weight during Christmas, I know that it’s not a joke. Especially when you’re attending reunions where there are a lot of tita‘s and lola‘s around, you can be sure that every ten minutes there will be one of them telling you to eat more palabok, get another serving of lechon, or maybe have another round of macaroni salad. These are pretty much Christmas staples, especially the macaroni salad!


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Full disclosure: This post is brought to you by Lady’s Choice.

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