Perfect pairings beyond Valentine’s at LoveSnR

Hey everyone! How was your Valentine’s? I passed by S&R Membership Shopping yesterday and saw a lot of awesome things that will really put you in the mood to extend Valentine’s Day and turn the whole of February into a legit “love month”. Chocolates, sweets, and wines abound, wrapped in all the pretty packagings.

The best part is, all this isn’t just for couples. There’s no rule against celebrating being an independent woman by giving your girl friends some sweet things like treats and flowers during this so-called love month. You can even gift some to your mom and your dad to show your love and appreciation, and you don’t have to limit it just the 14th. You’ve got the whole month of February to show some extra love!

Here are some of the interesting bits I saw at S&R, beginning with this Hershey’s Valentine’s Assorted Cupid Mix (Php 449.95 for 595 grams). This pack screams Valentine’s and is a perfect treat for people of all ages, since these contain some crowd favourites and classics like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey’s Kisses.

There’s something about chocolates wrapped in bright red heart packaging that makes it all the more sweeter, don’t you think?

My family received a similar Almond Roca Tapered Tin (Php 699.95 for 567 grams) last Christmas, and this is basically a big can of special and yummy nougats that is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

The tin is actually recyclable as a container, which is great because every time your special someone sees it, he or she will remember who it’s from.

Here’s one of my favourite chocolates from S&R, called the Kirkland Chocolate of the World (Php 799.95 for 907 grams). I think it’s really great to get to sample the different types of chocolates that are considered staples in different parts of the world, and I think this is something chocolate-lovers will really appreciate. I know I do! And by the way, it’s filled way up to the brim!

To complement those chocolates, you might want to grab these Brown & Haley Almond Roca Heart Tin Cans 7.75oz (Php 799.90 for 2). It’s already a statement pack of sweets, in a tin can that can be used to keep love letters and sweet nothings.

I remember one of my best friends gifting me with something like this when we were much younger, and I use this to store our little confidential notes growing up. 🙂

I love what S&R decided to do this year by making some chocolate and wine pairings! I haven’t shared many recipes involving liquor on the blog but the ones I have often involve combining with chocolate, and I can tell you it’s pretty darn good. There’s one set here that’s with candy but I’m confident that any of these combinations are winners.

First up we have the pairing of Rocca Chianti (750mL) with the Cavendish & Harvey Sweetheart Love Jar (Php 459.90).

Up next are two wines that go well with Ferrero Rocher: Wolf Blass Eaglehawk Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL (Php 519.90 with the 100-gram heart-shaped Ferrero Rocher), and Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet 750mL (Php 974.90 with Ferrero Rocher 24’s).

I can’t tell you how popular Ferrero Rocher’s were during my high school days. Every guy would send their girls this particular chocolate during Valentine’s Day, and the girls would be counting how many more chocolates they received versus their frenemies haha! Paired with wine, this is like a level up of those high school courtship days!

Let’s segue a bit from the food and talk about some flowers, which I know some people like to receive more than chocolates.

I think a bouquet of flowers are the perfect gift for mothers or grandmothers on Valentine’s Day, and any day of the year actually. And well, if my boyfriend sent me any which one of these it would put a smile on my face for sure!

The Fresh Cupid Bouquets here at S&R come in a variety, but my favourite is the 6-Stem Ecuadorian Roses (Php 1,999.95) because they are classic.

I don’t have any particular favourites when it comes to flowers though, because I think they’re all quite pretty.

The other bouquets of note are the Assorted Flower Bouquet (Php 1,499.95) and the 3-Stem Bangkok Roses (Php 499.95).

If you really want to make a statement, these Tulips in Vase (Php 2,999.95) will do exactly that! Tulips are gorgeous and so serene-looking, in my opinion.

Finally we get to the last gift suggestion I have, which is Plush Toys (assorted, starts at Php 429.95)! Personally I’ve outgrown these things, but I have a couple of them tucked away in my cabinet which brings back all sorts of sweet memories. I know some people still love getting stuffed toys whatever age they are, and there are some really cute ones here at S&R.

And that’s about it for me and my loveSnR adventure this February! The best part about this whole list is that you can mix and match the items, or even buy one from each category and give it as a set of gifts, whether to your special someone, or your single BFF; heck even your parents would appreciate these gifts this February! So go ahead and spread the love, because I know there’s lots of it here at S&R Membership Shopping.

Full disclosure: This post is sponsored by S&R Membership Shopping.

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