{Japan Travel Diary 2015} Second time Tokyo DisneySea [VIDEO]

Disneysea 1 1 - {Japan Travel Diary 2015} Second time Tokyo DisneySea [VIDEO]

I contemplated for a while whether or not I should write this post, considering I already have a more detailed one here and here, but then I figured: Might as well film a mini video about Tokyo DisneySea since I didn’t get to do that last time.

This video isn’t the type that walks you through all the parts of Tokyo DisneySea, but I think it gives you a decent glimpse into what you can expect in this theme park. No videos of the rides (which I think is not allowed anyway) but if you want just the general sights at Tokyo DisneySea, then I invite you to watch!

A little backstory on that funny little encounter with Pinocchio and his gang: My brothers, cousin, and I found a quiet little nook off to the side of the shops over at Main Street early in the afternoon. It was fairly empty and the bench was tempting enough that we sat there for a long while to rest. Suddenly the characters from Pinocchio descended from the stairs out of nowhere, with a small entourage following them. They were in character the whole time, and seeing them up close like that really made me appreciate all the effort the actors underneath those costumes put just to make other people happy in their presence.

Anyway, my opinion of Tokyo DisneySea hasn’t really changed this second time. I still feel like I’ve outgrown it. BUT it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all the intricacies, details, and architecture that are present in this theme park. I said it before and I’ll say it again: Each location just feels like a different world altogether!

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The snapshots I included in this post are different from the ones I’ve posted before, and I decided to include just a few of them this time around, mostly because I focused on filming instead of snapping.

There were a couple of spots we managed to visit that I didn’t go to last time, like the Port Discovery area (the part in the video where my cousin was remote controlling the ships). We also checked out the Toy Story area as well, though not extensively because our collective attentions were caught by the cart selling these character head gear.

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My favourite area still is the replica of the alleyways of Agrabah. I think it’s the most detailed and exotic location that really has a way of taking you to a “whole new world”. Oddly enough we didn’t run across too many Disney characters this day, compared to the last time I was here.

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The difference between visiting Tokyo DisneySea during the peak and regular season is intensely glaring. If you’re not the type to fall in line for hours for rides you probably won’t find much to do on a peak day. Try to visit off-peak like I did late last April and I can guarantee that you will get to ride all the main attractions. Personally I find the rides here a little tamer and shorter compared to the ones in Universal Studios, and some are downright for children. Take from that what you will. 😉

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Instead of lining up for the rides, we somehow ended up lining up for Curry Popcorn! It was the smell that caught my attention, but my goal was to collect the 2016 edition Mickey Mouse popcorn holder. It looked so unique and I thought it would make a good keepsake since it has the year embossed on it, plus Mickey looks indubitably Japanese here.

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I’ve visited theme parks in the States over Easter holidays before and it never gets as crowded as this. Actually, everywhere we went in Japan was pretty jam-packed since it was the year-end holidays for the Japanese as well as Christmas-New Year holidays for the rest of the world. I guess you can imagine the level of the crowd?

Which is why when we got a little empty area to ourselves, my brother took advantage and did his pictorial duties for his own blog!

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