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Foodies, it’s time you get hold of the Gourmet Society Card

Filipinos love eating out, that’s a fact. Every time there’s a new or highly-rated restaurant, especially here in Manila, people line up so patiently to get first dibs on these hotspots. Sometimes the restaurant is not even new at all but just so consistently popular it still draws a crowd! It must have something to do with the excitement of sharing something mouth-watering on their feed, or it could just be the thrill of eating something delicious.

Either way, there’s an undeniable and obvious love for food being shown by Filipinos. With this in mind, our friends at Gourmet Society Philippines made it their goal to aid us all in our food-loving tendencies with their Gourmet Society card.

The Gourmet Society card is actually a prestige membership card partnered with some of the best restaurants in Metro Manila. Apart from discounts, the card also entitles the holder to some special vouchers and 2-for-1 deals. Reading through their partner restaurants numbering over 200, I spotted some crowd favourites like Early Bird Breakfast Club, Bagoong Club, Gumbo, Alchemy, Burgoo, just to name a few. I also saw a lot on their list of partner establishments that I’ve been meaning to try, and now that I’ve gotten my card I have all the more reason to go!

The Gourmet Society launched in October 2015, and at the price of just Php 1,999 per year, it mainly offers 20% discount when you dine in any of their partner restaurants that have a whopping 280 branches nationwide. No minimum orders or special reservations required, all you need is the card!

And the cool part is, if you happen to forget your card at home, you can present your digital card instead to avail the discount! All you have to do is to download the app onto your phone or device, then sign up for a Gourmet Society account. Voila! That shiny red card is so pretty too!

The Gourmet Society App itself is pretty cool as well. You can use it to search for partner restaurants whichever area you may find yourself in. You can also use it to save restaurants you’ve already been too, and mark your faves.

All in all, I feel like Gourmet Society has done a really good job in giving you a bang for your buck. This card is especially great for people who love to eat out with big families, because for the price of just one meal, you get a card you can use for 1 whole year to avail discounts from 200 establishments– and not just any random establishment I must say. These restaurants are actually quite well-regarded. So don’t wait any longer and hop on to to sign up and get on their 30-day membership promo! It’s time to get eating!

For more information, check out their website or visit their Facebook page. I’m going to post about one of their partner restaurants in a day or two, just to show you an example of the calibre of restaurants Gourmet Society is partnered with. Look out for that! 🙂

Full disclosure: This post was sponsored by Gourmet Society.

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