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I think I just found my new favourite pizza place in Mr Pizza PH

I’m shaking my head, bewildered at myself, wondering why it took me this long to pay a visit to Mr Pizza. Despite passing by its branches on several occasions, it was not on my radar at all. “Oh another pizza place,” I thought to myself. Oh boy was I wrong. Never in my life have I ever felt so excited to go back to a pizza place. Until now.

I mean, how genius is it to incorporate Korean flavours into a decidedly Italian classic? Pizza, like pasta, is something you can adapt with almost any ingredient, but the challenge becomes whether or not you can do it right. And this– this is fusion done right methinks. And it brings two things I really like (as in pizza and Korean cuisine) together, like magic!

You can pick whether you want an egg tart crust or a cream cheese crust and so on, and then proceed with choosing toppings, like bulgogi or a seafood combo topping. They have a lot of interesting flavours on their menu! All the pizzas are in the 300 to 500 peso range, which is fair in my opinion. We ordered only one pizza, but I thought it was so good I had to write about it no matter how quickly!

I do love me some pizza, but because I am quite conscious about my food intake my pizza consumption has been at an all-time low in recent years. Which is why it’s a huge deal when I say I would gladly eat like four, five slices of this Dakgalbi Pizza from Mr Pizza.

This pizza is a combination of spicy chicken (dak galbi) with sweet potatoes and pepper, nestled in oozing cheese. That brown sauce you see is actually teriyaki, and there’s kimchi there are as well. It was flavourful enough I was glad we went for just a classic crust!

What I love most about the pizza is how much topping there is. The flavours all come together in the best way, with the spicy chicken and the sweet potatoes, along with the kimchi, just tickling your tastebuds. But of course, my affinity to spicy things still made me add hot sauce to this spicy chicken pizza. Needless to say I LOVED every bite.

After a little research on the net I found out Mr Pizza PH follows what is called the 300% principle, which is comprised of 100% fresh hand kneaded dough, 100% full-hearted generosity when it comes to toppings, and their pizza is 100% grill baked. They don’t use oil apparently! And taking all these things into account I think your money will not go to waste!

Awesome thing is they also offer some bingsu, which is in my opinion one of the best ways to cool down in this heat! There are three flavours at the moment, and while the regular price is Php 120, we managed to try these out under promo for Php 88.

All the bingsu are in small servings and good for max two persons if you really have to go the sharing route, but you’re going to want to eat one on your own. Trust me, the fine ice and milkiness of the bigsu will hypnotize you.

The Coffee Bingsu doesn’t taste too much like coffee at all. The coffee syrup is supposed to give that flavour but I think maybe they can add a bit of coffee to the bingsu base itself next time. At least the nut topping is generous!

The Oreo Bingsu was nice. Definitely my second favourite because of the way the chocolate syrup seeps into the milky ice. Its got broken up Oreos and Koko Krunch cereal on top.

My favourite was surprisingly the simplest one of all, the Mango Bingsu. Aside from the fact that I love mango, this one has mango poppers– basically balls filled with mango juice that pop when you bite into them! I am already missing this particular bingsu.

It was sad we were here only for merienda, because there is still SO MUCH pizza to try here! I’m definitely going to take my two best friends, coincidentally also lovers of Korean food (and just good food in general!) to a nearby Mr Pizza branch for a pizza party. I seriously cannot wait to try everything else!

Mr Pizza PH

Various branches, but the one we visited was at SM North EDSA
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