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Minions invade Mister Donut + An Overload of Donuts Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love donuts? As far as I know, the answer is no one. It’s become such an integral food item around the world that it’s even been made into an emoji! Donuts are an amazing vessel if you’re creative enough to play with flavours, and I think Mister Donut Philippines has an amazing understanding of this. It’s why their product line is as extensive as it is, and as tasty!

Recently Mister Donut has been giving us lots of reasons to indulge on everyone’s favourite sugary treat, but they’re officially taking it a step further by partnering with the makers of Despicable Me.

Yep, you guessed it: MINION DONUTS!

These wide-eyed, silly critters have become so popular every kid probably already knows how to sing their Banana-Potato Song! They’ve made a mark in pop culture, and we Filipinos are definitely in on the Minion phenomenon. Thankfully, Mister Donut has decided to make them even more accessible to us simply because they’re in the business of making us all smile.

These Mister Donut Despicable Me Donuts are so incredibly cute! You want to eat them, at the same time you don’t want to take a bite out of their wacky yet somehow innocent faces. Although these are supposedly kiddy donuts, I don’t think any kids-at-heart will want to miss these!

The Minion Donuts come in three different designs or expressions, to represent the three main Minion characters Bob, Stuart, and of course Kevin. (Whom I always remember because he reminds me so much of my tall brother who also happens to be named Kevin!)

Before you take a bite of these, I challenge you to imitate their faces haha! That one above is my favourite!

And the best part? Each character comes stuffed with three different fillings, but all are Bavarian-based. Isn’t that great news for us Bavarian-lovers?

This one is Classic Bavarian.

The Banana Bavarian flavour has a really nice scent to it, and a solid banana flavour as well.

The Chocolate Bavarian is my favourite! It has a good Bavarian undertone but the chocolate flavour is nice and bold too!

These donuts are only Php 100 per box of 10 pieces, and that specially designed box is adorable!

But wait, for those who enjoy their little Smidgets, Mister Donut also created the Despicable Me Smidgets– yellow colored donut balls with none other than banana-nananana filling! (Admit it, you just sang to that!) With their love for bananas, it seems Minions have brought this flavour into mainstream status! The Despicable Me Smidgets are available in box of 30s for only P 150.

These donuts are going to be available for a limited time only so if I were you I would head off to your nearest Mister Donut shop right now to try them out!

I also wanted to take a moment to show you guys all the other goodies Mister Donut has. Honestly it’s been a while since I’ve visited a branch of theirs and I was pleasantly surprised by how much their range of products has expanded. Their All-Time Favorite Donuts and Smidgets are still there of course, and I remember how much I loved these types of donuts as a child. My favourites evolved from the mini round donuts to the filled ones as I grew older.

I learned to love how the powdered sugar melted in my mouth as I took a bite. And then the soft fluffy donut would give way to a burst of filling– usually strawberry or bavarian in my case, since those two are my favourites. They still are, especially strawberry. You can put a box in front of me and I’ll immediately seek out that bright red jam peeking out!

For some reason, I always preferred not to get chocolate-filled donuts because I like the real chocolate donuts better. For those of you who like their chocolate in the form of red velvet, they’ve got a Red Velvet Donut now too!

As a twist to their classic donuts, Mister Donut actually came up with what they call the Bavarian Doubles line of donuts. These are stuffed with two types of filling in one donut. As you can see, it’s easy to spot the Bavarian Doubles versus the classic doughnuts. Two fillings peek out through the top instead of just one. If you ever have a hard time deciding which filling to get, why not get a Bavarian Double?

The different flavours of Bavarian Doubles include Mangostillas (Mango & Pastillas combination), as well as Choco-Yema, and Choco-Varian (Chocolate & Bavarian). Very clever way of incorporating Filipino flavours, if you ask me. I have to mention I love how authentic the mango filling is!

Taking a look inside, you can see that the filling goes well into the donuts. It’s not just for show! Don’t you just hate it when you bite into a donut and the filling doesn’t even go all the way to the middle? That’s not the case with Mister Donut!

Mister Donut is quite affordable even if you buy it per piece, but their several box sets provide an even better value. A box of 10 of their all-time favourite donuts costs only Php 130! A box of 20 Smidgets is only Php 100 too, but they also offer the Fun Box for those who like the big and small donut combo.

Don’t worry, I understand how hard choosing can get when you’re standing in front of that glass display of donuts. 😉

The family’s new favourite from Mister Donut are the Pon de Ring. Originally from Japan, the Pon de Ring’s remarkably chewy texture makes you want to keep eating one bubble after the other, without a thought to stop. My Dad was absolutely delighted by these donuts!

The flavours they come in are Almond, All Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, and classic Glazed, but my favourite is the Rocky Road one. It’s not too sweet and it’s got a generous amount of toppings!

Unfortunately, I have yet to try out their crullers, dossants (donut croissants), and old-fashioned donuts. Apparently these are available only in the bigger stores, but it’s so good to see how innovative the products of Mister Donut have become! The price of the Signature Donuts like the pon de ring and crullers range from Php 160 to Php 270, depending on whether you get classic or premium flavours. Only the Dossants are a bit more pricey, but understandably so since croissant dough is harder to make. (Trust me, I know.)

Donuts aside, one of my favourite things they offer are these Croissantwiches. I was not able to take a photo of the inside because they were promptly gobbled up, but daaaang the Spicy Tuna one was delicious! Just the right spicy-garlicky blend, with lettuce and nori to hold the tuna-mayo filling in the centre.

The croissant itself is quite big– just a bit more and it would be the size of a face– so one order will be filling enough. It’s even shareable, and you can just wash it down with coffee. But if you’re more into sweet, cold drinks, Mister Donut’s ThirTea Milk Teas might be more for you.

The fact that they have milk teas on their menu shows that Mister Donut pays attention to trends. They want to be able to serve people what they want during specific times. I think it’s a good attitude to have. Speaking of good attitude, I also want to thank the manager at the SM Manila branch for taking good care of me when I picked up my donuts. 🙂

Anyway, I am hoping that all my blabbing and photos have given you some serious donut cravings, because our good friends at Mister Donut Philippines are generous enough to sponsor a giveaway for you all!

There will be THREE WINNERS and each will receive 500 pesos worth of Mister Donut GC’s. That’s going to buy you a ton of donuts! The giveaway will end on August 4, 11:59 PM. You must have an address in the Philippines to join the contest. As always, just follow the instructions below to earn entries! Good luck! 😊

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[UPDATE] CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS! Please await my e-mail. Thank you to everyone who joined the giveaway and hope to see you all again in another one! 🙂

Full disclosure: This feature and giveaway was sponsored by Mister Donut Philippines, but all opinions stated above are my own.

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