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Trying the Bullet Train-delivered sushi at Genki Sushi BGC Stopover

I’m not a particular fan of those gimmicky conveyor belt sushi places, which is why you’ve never seen me write about any of them here. And yet here we were at Genki Sushi BGC Stopover, the newest place that bears the same concept with a little twist.

My brother was actually the one who put this restaurant into my radar, and when I checked it out online I was really intrigued by the amount of good reviews. My brothers and I really love sushi so obviously we needed to check this place out!

The restaurant’s set-up is very straightforward, with clean lines if you will. The tables are set up booth style and can seat 6 people in relative comfort. Each table has their own tablet ordering system, plus a faucet with flowing hot water you can use to make their on-the-house matcha tea. As you can see, the place is quite popular. This was the crowd at 5.30PM.

If you prefer dining with a view, you can request to sit on the other end of the restaurant. This bar-type seating has a tablet for every 2 to 3 people, and it has all the things the booth seating has.

Moving on to the ordering, the menu is divided into sushi, sashimi, appetizers, sides, rice and noodles, as well as desserts. Genki Sushi BGC Stopover also offers some sushi platters, but some of them were already sold out for the day. The sushi is divided into four types to make clicking through the tablet a lot easier: nigiri, gunkan, maki, and temaki. The appetizers make up mostly of soup and salads, while the sides make up tempuras and other food that can be eaten with rice.

There are a set of menus posted right below the tablet per table but it’s kind of hard to see because of the lights. I suggest requesting a print-out menu.

There are A LOT of choices here in Genki Sushi BGC Stopover, so take your time reading through the menu. Once you’ve decided what you want, use the tablet to click on the picture of the items you’ve chosen. You will see them floating towards the lower left portion of the screen, where there is a picture of a bullet train.

You can order only four things at a time per train, but you can make unlimited trips, if you know what I mean. 😀

It doesn’t take long for your train of orders to arrive, and when it did I have to admit I went, ‘OMG THIS IS SO CUTE!’ Look at those bullet trains! One’s the shape of a rocket, and another’s a cartoon character. For faster service, the trains run on a double deck.

These trains travel pretty fast– not like those typical conveyor belts– but your food is snugly fit onto the tray to prevent spilling. Make sure to hit the yellow button to return this conveyor belt train to the kitchen.

But now we get to the true test: the eating. Dundundun…

As you read through the list of our orders, you will notice my star of approval beside each of the sushi dishes I particularly enjoyed. Across the board, the quality of sushi here at Genki Sushi BGC Stopover is pretty average. Some of the sushi dishes are kind of unique, but in my opinion the quality doesn’t really deserve the price tag. Anyway, I will leave you to judge.

Crispy Spicy Salmon Roll (Php 150 for 3 pcs) 🌟

I’m a sucker for spicy tuna/spicy salmon salads with those bits of crunchy tempura batter in the mix, so this one was an easy sell for me. There’s just enough of the salmon to make you know that you’re eating salmon, but I’m not quite convinced I should be paying 50 pesos for a piece of this.

Salmon Taberu Layu Sushi (Php 120 for 2 pcs)

I wish they would have placed a portion of layu on top of EACH salmon, so that you can easily pick one piece up and pop in your mouth. Dividing the chilli between the two turns into a messy affair, and frankly speaking, isn’t the taberu layu (or chilli oil) the whole point of ordering this?

Scallop Pollock Roe Sushi (Php 200 for 2 pcs) 🌟

A thin slice of tender scallop sits on top of sushi rice with a bit of torched roe. The topping is a little salty, but eaten with wasabi and rice, it’s actually really delicious. A little on the expensive side thanks to the scallop, but definitely something to try at least once.

Horse Mackerel Sushi (Php 120 for 2 pcs)

One of the more unusual offerings at a casual sushi restaurant, this aji sushi looks pretty as a picture. However I have read some mixed reviews on this. Apparently, some days these are not as fresh as they should be. Luckily when we had this the fish was okay. It’s not topped with anything other than ribbons of green onion and ginger, but you should add a little wasabi on it.

Seared Salmon with Black Pepper Sushi (Php 120 for 2 pcs) 🌟

This one is definitely a must try. There’s a reason why they put this among their featured dishes, and it’s because it’s pretty good! The black pepper adds a nice kick that contrasts with the torched mayo and the savory seared salmon. Yum yum yum…

Fried Chicken Gunkan (Php 60 for 2 pcs)

Fried chicken on top of sushi rice. It’s as simple as that. Don’t really know why we decided to order this.

Lobster Salad Gunkan (Php 120 for 2 pcs) 🌟

A sweet salad made with mayo and lobster. The presence of lobster merits the price of the dish, I think. I like the creaminess of the topping even though turning lobster into a salad is an easy way to mask its level of freshness. But it still works out because it tastes good. Wish it were spicy though. 😛

Surf Clam Gunkan (Php 120 for 2 pcs)

Yet another salad type of topping, this time using hokigai (surf clam). There’s a nice briny tang to the topping that mixes well with the mayo. Still, it might be more worth it to get a fresh surf clam sushi instead if you’re going after that fish meat.

Fried Tofu Skin Inarizushi Combo (Php 60 for 2 pcs)

The darker coloured tofu is actually the black sugar tofu skin, so it’s a bit sweeter. I’m not quite a fan of the tofu skin texture on this one. I’ve eaten really good inarizushi from Japan so I guess I have some standards. The rice filling is sweet and kind of similar I guess, but you can probably skip this one.

Aside from the sushi, they do have some main dishes like ramen and fried Japanese favourites that are way better value for money. For example, if you want a huge fill of sashimi you might be better off getting the Chirashi Don (Php 450). We ordered mostly cooked rice dishes though:

Oyako Don (Php 220)

A classic chicken and and egg rice bowl. Not the best one I’ve seen or eaten by any means, but it’s enough to fill your belly!

Unagi Don (Php 350)

I love unagi. Before, we used to buy these packed unagi from the supermarket to heat at home, and this kind of feels like one of those. It’s as typical as it can get! But an unagi is still an unagi, so I still quite liked this and thought the portion they served was big enough.

Black Pepper Chicken Don (Php 190) 🌟

If you’re going to pick a rice meal, you should probably go for this. It’s basically fried chicken cooked in an onion and black pepper-based sauce that nicely coats the chicken and rice. Adds a bit of peppery kick to your usual fried chicken meal, with those crunchy onions as a bonus.

Steamed Egg Custard (Php 120) 🌟

This dish was one of my favourites when I was in Japan. Though not the same level of quality, I still found this quite enjoyable. There’s crabmeat and mushrooms inside the custardy soft and flavourful steamed egg. A good place to start your meal, or you know, end it. This to me is one of the more worthwhile appetizer offerings at Genki Sushi BGC Stopover.

The main thing that I want to point out is that this place is NOT cheap at all; especially if you, like us, are a family of 6 people who have pretty decent appetites. A meal here just eating the sushi will really add up. So before you send your bullet train to the kitchen, I would suggest a more strategic approach to ordering. You can also keep checking your running bill using the tablet, so make use of the technology.

What really impressed me with this restaurant is the zippy way that everything is prepared and brought to the table. I like how they put technology to good use, and while maybe the sushi they serve isn’t topnotch, it’s not really what they want you to remember them for anyway. There’s a really great variety of food here, and I think more than the quality, you really pay for the speed and novelty of dining here. Those sushi bullet trains don’t run themselves! 😀

The whole ordering and food delivery process is actually really fun, making it too easy to get caught up with ordering via tablet and waiting for your food to arrive on the speedy sushi train. Proceed with caution to avoid over-ordering! Overall, a good place to eat when you’re hit with a major sushi craving, and you have some budget in your hands.


Genki Sushi

BGC Stopover Pavillion,
Rizal Drive Corner 31st Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact Nos.: (02) 6242867 | (02) 7536248
Hours: 11 AM to 10 PM
Facebook | Instagram

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