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Fuel your Pokemon Go craze with Boulangerie22 Pokemon Cakes

With their penchant for creating super cute character cakes, I knew it was only a matter of time before the Asian bakery chains got in on the Pokemon Go craze. And with the introduction of the Boulangerie22 Pokemon cakes, that time has finally arrived.

My first encounter with Boulangerie22 was fairly recent– late last year I should say– when my brother came home with their Holy Cheesus! breads in Blue Cheese and Hot flavours. When heated at just the right temperature, the cheese inside these breads turn all lava-like and ooze out when you slice into them. Yum!

Sometimes when I step into French-Asian fusion bakeshops like the Boulangerie22, I have a hard time controlling myself. Everything looks so appetizing I get this urge to keep piling the breads on my tray! There’s such a wide variety of styles and flavours! The breads here at Boulangerie22 aren’t what I would call cheap, but they’re still within the affordable spectrum.

However, breads are not the only thing you can buy from Boulangerie22; they also have specialty cakes. And the newest in their family? These super cute Boulangerie22 Pokemon Cakes! This is the first time I get to try any of Boulangerie22’s cakes so I was pretty excited.

A closer inspection of their breads and cakes will confirm Boulangerie22’s commitment to their craft– combining traditional artisan methods and state of the art baking. Their selection of classical breads always have modern twists to them, and similarly, these Pokemon cakes are their way of presenting their classic cakes in a trendy way.

If you’re a fan of Pokemon Go and all things Pokemon, you can definitely take it all the way with these Boulangerie22 Pokemon Cakes! 😆

As of this writing, there are three Boulangerie22 Pokemon Cakes currently gracing the display cases of each branch. The only one I didn’t get to pick up was the Jigglypuff Strawberry Cake (Php 699), just because it was unavailable at my nearest Boulangerie22 store. I was a little disappointed, but I didn’t exactly call ahead to say I was going to buy one so it’s also partly my fault.

So kids, if you’re planning to buy a Pokemon Cake, it’s definitely best to call your nearest branch and ask for availability. You can also reserve one ahead of time. I found the staff at Boulangerie22 to be very accommodating so there shouldn’t be any problems.

It’s a good thing I did get to take home the two other flavours, the first of which is the Snorlax Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake (Php 799). I have a Singaporean friend who loves Snorlax so much I feel like she’ll go head over heels when she sees this cake! If only I could somehow send this to her all the way to Singapore, I would.

You know how sometimes with improperly done character cakes, the features of the characters end up looking wonky or disproportionate? Not so here! They even got that lazy Snorlax smirk just right!

I was sorry to slice into these cakes for obvious reasons, but my desire to see and taste the cake underneath was stronger. (Sorry, Snorlax!) I was quite surprised by how lovely the layers looked. You’ve got moist layers of chocolate cake with creamy peanut butter-caramel buttercream in between.

The cake is cocooned inside a Snorlax-coloured white chocolate shell– very thin but still rather sweet. I didn’t eat the cake with the shell, but I have to admit I still found this a little too much for my taste. The caramel component of this cake makes it a little sweeter than I’d like, overpowering any peanut butter taste. The generous portions of crunchy chocolate and peanut bits inside were a pleasant surprise though. They didn’t hold back when they said this was a peanut and chocolate cake huh?

The Snorlax Cake is definitely a good pick for someone who has a sweet tooth, someone who really enjoys caramely things, and probably someone who loves rocky road as a flavour for everything!

The other cake I got to take home was the Pikachu Chocolate Cake (Php 699). I feel like that yellow half-ball of bright Pikachu happiness can make anyone smile! I have to say, I’m impressed by how both cakes are very cute and very well-made.

Cuteness factor aside, this cake is simply layers of decadent chocolate cake that melt in the mouth, plus chocolate chip frosting. I love how the bits of chocolate chips provide a crunchy contrast to the chocolate cake.

I definitely like this one a lot better than the Snorlax cake, even though it’s a lot more straightforward and “classic”. There’s a certain dark aftertaste to the cake that cancels out the sweetness of the buttercream and yellow chocolate melt coating. The chocolate chip frosting between the cake layers isn’t that sweet to begin with, making this cake pretty well-balanced in my opinion. 👍🏻

I would recommend this cake to dark chocolate lovers, like myself. I was pleasantly surprised by how deep the chocolate notes were in! The yellow frosting was a little candy-ish though so I avoided that part, but the cake itself is really good taste-wise and texture-wise.

Another sweet treat they’ve got in this Pokemon line are their Pokemon Macarons (Php 195 for a box of 5) which come in a variety of flavours. The shells are all just regular vanilla shells so that you can clearly see the characters printed on top. However these come in differently flavoured fillings depending on the characters.

Here’s the complete cast: Jigglypuff, Slowpoke, & Clefairy (Cherry filling); Diglet, Evee, & Raichu (Chocolate filling); Dratini, P0liwag, & Vaporeon (Grape filling); Bulbasaur & Squirtle (Green Apple filling); Charmander & Jolteon (Maple filling); and finally Pikachu & Snorlax (Vanilla filling).

I found the shells of these macarons too sweet and just a little rough, but I found the idea of matching the Pokemon with certain flavours rather novel! I tried the ones with Cherry and Maple and found they were just okay because there was so much sweetness, but the flavour itself of the filling was mild. My favourite would have to be the chocolate-filled ones because you can really taste the chocolate.

Well, that’s it for my quick review of Boulangerie22’s Pokemon Cakes and Macarons. Will you be giving these Pokemon treats a go? If I had to pick just one, I highly recommend the Pikachu Chocolate Cake. Let me know in the comments section below which of Boulangerie22’s breads and cakes are your favourites. 😉



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Full disclosure: I received GC’s from Boulangerie22 to try out their Pokemon dessert line but opinions are 100% mine alone.

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