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Figures of Beans brings coffee from Cordillera straight to your door

Wednesdays seem to have developed a reputation as this big “hump” you have to cross over to get from Point A to Point B– Point A being the dreaded start of the week, and Point B being the prospect of an exciting weekend. Between my job and this blog, the days don’t matter too much since I feel like I’m working everyday, so if I ever need a pick-me-up I need it all the time.

That’s where coffee comes into the picture. If there’s one thing I have to get my daily fix of, it’s coffee. The day doesn’t seem complete without at least a cup!

When I got an e-mail from Figures of Beans asking me to review their coffee products, it was a no-brainer for me to accept. I mean, we’re talking about coffee here! Secondly, there was something in the e-mail that caught my attention: ‘We’re bringing coffee straight to your doorstep!’

I’ve never heard of a coffee delivery service before, but I can definitely see the charm of this idea. Being one of those who don’t live near any of the good coffee shops that have sprouted like daisies in the Makati-BGC area, I’ve always struggled to find a place to grab some quality brewed coffee near my area. Figures of Coffee did indeed deliver the solution to my doorstep, because what they wanted me to realize is that I can make good coffee right in the comfort of my own home.

The box they sent me came in a size that made my heart flutter. The prospect of unboxing big packages always excites me! What I received is the Figures of Beans Caffeine Box Set A, in ground coffee form. I don’t own a coffee grinder, but if you do, there’s an option to get the same box set in coffee bean form.

This set is made up of three 250-gram bags of Cordillera coffee, namely Arabica Robusta, Benguet Arabica, and Sagada Dark Roast. Each of them have some really memorable names too!

Figures of Beans proudly grow their coffee in the Cordillera Province– said to have some of the best Arabica strains in the world. To me, this is an industry that has real potential to shine a spotlight on the Philippines in a good way. Add to that, it can give our local farmers a chance to show-off their skills and actually make a good living.

I’m a huge admirer of companies that push Filipino-made products and make them marketable on a global scale, and in the case of Figures of Beans, I’m quite impressed. The sleek packaging already oozes class and quality that can stand out alongside imported coffees in the market.

Currently, Figures of Beans have six kinds of coffee you can choose from, divided into a “Flavored” line (Hazelnut, Vanilla, and Caramel), a “Premium” line (Sagada Dark Roast), and what they call the “Local Duo” (Benguet Arabica and Arabica Robusta).

I mentioned before that the goal of this brand is to encourage people to get into home-brewing, so they really try to make their coffee feel more accessible. The fancy equipment is optional, and they even include a little Brewing Guide to help you find ways to make home brewing a reality.

I’m lucky that I live in a house full of coffee-lovers (maybe it runs in the family?) so we actually own a coffee maker that’s filled with fresh coffee every single day. If you don’t want to invest in such an appliance, you can get yourself a French Press somewhere from 400 to 700 pesos I believe. Personally, I would like to own a Pour Over Dripper just because making coffee this way releases a sense of zen in me. 😉

I find that the 2 Tablespoons to 6 ounces water ratio indicated at the back of the package is just a little too strong for most of us in the house, so I increased the water to around 8 ounces for every 2 tablespoons. You can experiment to find the perfect ratio tailored for you!

I’m not going to write about all three flavours I received just yet. I didn’t want to unseal my ground coffee all at the same time to keep them as fresh as possible, so I picked just one to write about for now. I was supposed to open the Sagada Dark Roast first but I grabbed the wrong pack, so I just stuck with the Benguet Arabica.

Initially I was a little upset at myself for the mishap, but all it took was one whiff of the contents in the bag and my world was all right again.

The Benguet Arabica, named “Paradox”, is a blend of dark roasted Benguet and light roasted Arabica beans from their Local Duo line. These beans were grown in the mountains of Cordillera, then hand-picked and sun dried to ensure quality. The beans then went through some masterful roasting to guarantee world class flavor and aroma.

Honestly, I could sniff this coffee all day. Have you ever seen a tall girl with glasses sniffing bags of coffee at the coffee aisle in the supermarket? That might’ve been me. (Someone please tell me where I can buy a scented candle in coffee…)

The Benguet Arabica is amazingly full-bodied but still nice and smooth. The finish is earthy, almost with a bitter chocolate note. I don’t have a particular way I take my coffee, but I’ve tried this plain without anything added in; black with just a bit of sugar; and also with a little milk. The flavor and scent do not get clouded, and I really love that.

To give you an idea of the other two packs of coffee I received, the Arabica Robusta/”Oxymoron” is a blend of dark roasted Robusta and Benguet coffee, while the Sagada Dark Roast/”Irony” is a premium pure Arabica Coffee from Sagada. I’ll probably be posting about these two on my Instagram once I get to them. 😀

Despite some obviously very good quality coffee, you can see how affordable they still are based on this chart from the Figures of Beans website. The Box Sets cost Php 1,050 whether in ground or bean form, so if you do the math, three packs of 250-gram bags purchased through the Box Set will actually get you a discount.

I’m excited to buy the Box Set with the Flavored coffee. I feel like I’ll be getting them sooner than planned. Also, you might want to try these coffee with some of the coffee cakes and crumb cakes in my Related Posts section. 😉

To order some awesome coffee or learn more about Figures of Beans, check out their website, their Facebook page, and their Instagram!

Full disclosure: I received a PR package from Figures of Beans, but all opinions stated above are 100% mine.

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