My tastebuds have gone #BibimLoco over BonChon’s new Taco Bibimbowls

It’s undeniable how fusion cuisine has grown in popularity lately. Everyone is getting in on it, and it looks like BonChon is not going to get left behind. Recently, they came up with an extra unique dish for their menu, and it’s one I’m personally encountering for the first time so I was very curious, to say the least. I’ve never tried Mexican and Korean fusion before, but since discovering new types of food excites me a lot, I was really game to give Bonchon’s Taco Bibimbowls a go.

This specific mix of cuisines is really new and one of a kind to me, but apparently BonChon in LA rolled out this concept first to great success. Good thing we get to try it here in Manila. So let’s see if this unique experience will drive me #BibimLoco, shall we?

You know how traditional Korean bibimbap has several veggie and meat toppings over steaming hot rice? Well the Taco Bibimbowls have the same concept, except we get Mexican-themed toppings and flavors instead. Toppings include Mexican beans, crunchy nachos, and fresh salsa. Basically, BonChon has taken their classic and well-loved Bibimbowl and added a Mexican twist to it.

You can still choose if you want to have a Chicken, Beef, or Seafood Taco Bibimbowl. Of course the meat is where the Korean element gets retained, but since I didn’t try the seafood bowl yet, we’ll focus on the ones featuring Korean Fried Chicken and Bulgogi Beef instead. It’s only Php 99 for A La Carte, and Php 155 for a Ricebox which includes soup on the side.

First thing I thought when my order was laid out before me was how big the serving was. The toppings of the Taco Bibimbowls were laid out in perfect order, and the scent was enough to make my mouth water.

You have to be careful when you mix this up because the bowl is so full. Give it a really good mix to make sure you get that secret Ko-Mex taste all over. When I had my first bite I was really surprised by how much I loved it. This Mexican-Korean mix actually works beautifully!

You get those strong Mexican flavors on one side of your tastebuds with the beans and the tomatoes, but every bite of the Bulgogi Beef and Korean Fried Chicken reminds you that there’s a Korean flair to this. I really love how the nachos bound everything together and gave each bite a delightful crunch.

I had actually tried these Taco Bibimbowls with my brother and when I asked him which his favorite was he didn’t even hesitate to say it was the Chicken. For me, I think the Beef wins by just the slimmest margin, but both were great. Now I honestly cannot wait to try the Seafood one.

And by the way, I also took this opportunity to try out their new Jjampong, and I thought it was pretty good. I like spicy things though so just be warned! 😉

I was super full by the time we finished the meal. I actually think that I could do without the soup next time since I don’t have that much of a storage space in my tummy, but big eaters will find that the Ricebox set of the Taco Bibimbowls give you a real bang for your buck at just Php 155. You get a big bowl of rice with yummy topping, a soup on the side, plus a drink.

You can learn more about BonChon’s Taco Bibimbowls here. And after you try the Taco Bibimbowls, you can also get them in other variants like Original, Fiery Spice, and Creamy Curry. 🙂

Full disclosure: This post was sponsored by BonChon Philippines but all opinions are 100% my own. I really like their Taco Bibimbowls.

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