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Have bananas? Make David Lebovitz’s Banana Souffle!

This Banana Souffle by David Lebovitz is such a unique treat! A delicious and creamy souffle filled with sweet banana scent and flavor.

It’s very rare that you hear about people making Banana Souffle. Normally you hear about chocolate or vanilla souffles, and recently the matcha souffle has been getting some traction. But Banana Souffle? Coming across this recipe, it was the first time I heard of such a thing myself.

And when something is new and different to me, naturally I like to try it out!

The Philippines is well-known for its mangoes but it also has some awesome bananas. I love eating it as much as I love using it for making banana treats. Because we often have an abundance of bananas at home, it’s easy to set aside a few of them until they get to the overripe stage for baking. So move over for a sec Banana Bread; it’s time for Banana Souffle!

Actually, another reason I decided to make this recipe was because I wanted to try David Lebovitz’s version of pastry cream. His is a lovely buttery custard flavored with vanilla, and you might start eating it with a spoon once you get a taste. Pastry cream is sometimes also used as a souffle base, and in this case is mixed with the bananas.

The good news is, you’re definitely going to have leftover pastry cream after making the Banana Souffle recipe, and I highly suggest using it to top pavlovas. Incidentally, I also made David Lebovitz’s Pavlova recipe before and I know for a fact it will be amazing with this pastry cream. (And while it is not my intention to share all the recipes in his book on my blog, I can’t stop myself from professing my love for every recipe I’ve made so far!)

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I’m going to keep this post short because the pictures I took for this recipe are awful so there aren’t many to share, but basically, the recipe isn’t particularly hard. It does have two parts to it because you have to make pastry cream first before proceeding with the souffle itself. (I don’t think you can get pastry cream from supermarkets in the Philippines.) My suggestion is to make it a day before.

For the second part, all you need to do is whip up some egg whites to stiff peaks, and then fold it in with the banana-pastry cream mixture by portions. The key is to fold everything in properly without making the souffle mix deflate. You want a mixture that is airy.

Also, make sure your ramekins are well-buttered and fully coated in sugar. The last thing you want is for the batter to stick to the ramekin and ruin the rise of the souffle as it bakes. The souffles go up nicely inside the oven but tend to slowly come back down once out, so make sure to serve them immediately for maximum effect.

I guess some chocolate sauce or syrup would go well with these, but the souffle itself is so tasty already it’s not necessary.

Make sure to read through the instructions below carefully before starting this Banana Souffle recipe to get a good grasp of the whole process. 🙂

Banana Souffles

Delicious and creamy souffle filled with sweet banana scent and flavor. Try it for a different souffle experience!
Servings 4


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