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Looking to #BeefUp your meals? Try BonChon’s Korean Beef Stew

One of my greatest frustrations when eating at quick service restaurants is how sometimes they have the tendency to serve watered-down dishes. This is especially true when it comes to dishes involving beef. We all know beef is best when it is well-flavored and when the texture is just right. I will never understand how people manage to tolerate beef as tough as rubber, but with the BonChon Korean Beef Stew, none of have to do that anymore!

According to BonChon, they use only premium choice beef cuts for this BonChon Korean Beef Stew, and well, I have to agree! And because it is slow-cooked, the richness of the beef and all the sweet-salty Korean flavors they seasoned it with is retained beautifully inside the meat.

Armed with that undeniable sweet and slightly salty Korean Beef taste, it is a good way to #BeefUp your meal! The stew comes in a metal bowl alongside some rice, and the Korean way to eat it is by scooping up a bit of rice, dipping the rice into that yummy sauce, and then placing a piece of beef on top before you devour. (I watch a lot of Kdramas so trust me on this one.)

Is it just me or is it super comforting to eat rice with stew? No wonder Koreans love this combination so much. I know that we Pinoys also enjoy adding sauce to our rice, and with this Korean Beef Stew dish, we can switch it up a bit.

Getting the Korean Beef Stew with Rice costs Php 155 (A la Carte), while the Korean Beef Stew Rice Box meal with drink is only Php 165.

And might I suggest polishing off your meal with some Bingsu? I was in the mood for something chocolatey in this instance so I ordered the Chocolate Brownie Bingsu. In this weather, this is the sort of thing that can help brighten up the mood.

If you’ve tried BonChon’s Korean Beef Stew, let me know in the comments below what you think! 🙂 You can learn more about BonChon’s Korean Beef Stew here.

Full disclosure: This post was sponsored by BonChon Philippines but opinions are my own.

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