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Red Door Kitchen delivers party food right to your doorstep

Let’s admit it: Filipinos love being part of gatherings. Doesn’t matter what occasion or scale, just mix friends, family, and good food together, give it a little shake, and voila! If you’re one of the many people living in Metro Manila who enjoy gatherings with friends and family, I think you’ll be happy to learn about Red Door Kitchen.

Red Door Kitchen is a small restaurant in Quezon City with a menu that focuses on what I would consider Pinoy party favorites. And as I mentioned in the title, they make home deliveries. And when the food arrives they come so meticulously packaged, like this:

Since I was not familiar with Red Door Kitchen at all, I honestly had no idea what to expect from them. However my first impression was very positive, because I always appreciate it when food orders are packaged with thought. The last thing anyone would want is to have the food ruined before serving time. I also found their deliveryman to be very friendly.

Just a bit of background information on Red Door Kitchen, it was set up by a group of friends who have a passion for good food. Their goal with this restaurant is to provide affordable great-tasting food, and their current introductory prices are quite a steal for the quality and quantity of food you get, methinks!

For just Php399, you can avail of their Combo, which is literally a combination of noodles plus a meat-based viand or ulam. Right now, Red Door Kitchen has quite a limited menu so making choices isn’t that hard, but when they sent me their food to sample, they put together pairings that they think go well together. 

Just to be clear, you don’t have to follow the pairings they prepared for me. These are just their suggestions. 😊

So the Combos come in hard round cartons reminiscent of a bilao, and the size of the carton is about 12 inches in diameter. There are markings on top to indicate the contents of each carton. Each of these are on average good for 4 to 5 persons, but of course serving size is always subjective because sometimes there are people who can really eat a lot. 😉

In any case, let’s get to the main review proper. 

Pinoy Spaghetti with Char-Grilled Liempo BBQ

To be perfectly honest, this was probably my least favorite combination because of how sweet everything was. Pinoy-style sweet is not my favorite kind of spaghetti, but that is not to say I don’t eat it.

Looking back at the many similar spaghettis I’ve tried, this one is good. It’s got large slices of juicy hotdogs and a nice creamy sauce I think most anyone would enjoy. If you’re a fan of Pinoy-style spaghetti, I definitely recommend going for this classic. I was not a fan of the Liempo BBQ however, because I found it waaaay too sweet for my tastebuds. 

Palabok with Chicken Chops

Red Door Kitchen’s palabok has some nice thick noodles and a fair amount of toppings, but I found it a little oilier than I would’ve liked. I guess comparing it to my favorite Pancit Malabon is a bit too much, but I was looking for the same oomph and I didn’t get it. Most palabok are milder in flavor than Pancit Malabon, but this was delicious still. My brothers scarfed this down pretty fast!

The Chicken Chops were also winners for everyone, but I highly suggest eating it right away while hot. It’s juicy and tasty, and really nice when dipped in vinegar. (Yes, they provide the vinegar.)

Chinitoyo and Lumpiang Shanghai

This was my favorite noodle dish among the three I tried because I really love saucy pancit canton. With this Chinitoyo, I loved the burst of savory flavors from the soy-based sauce, and also the umami from the mushrooms. It has some dried chilis in the mix and I found that I really liked the addition of that slight heat.

Since this is quite a bit of a flavor trip, you will probably need to eat this with a side to cut down on any possible umay factor. And that’s where the Lumpiang Shanghai comes in. There isn’t that much to say about this crispy crowd pleaser, but any time you serve Lumpiang Shanghai with some sweet-chili sauce you are guaranteed a hit already. 

Kung-Fu Pasta

This is basically a classic Kung Pao Pasta dish topped with shrimp, nuts, shrooms, and peppers. It has a slight kick too. Since I’m a huge devourer of spicy things, needless to say this was my favorite alongside the Chinitoyo. The flavors were spot on, and you just keep craving it. At least I did.

I believe you can also order this as part of your Combo, but I’m guessing they didn’t deliver this to me in the same style as the dishes above since they only have 3 meat options available at the moment. This one doesn’t have a partner yet I guess.

Actually, none of the combos I wrote about above are set in stone. You can mix and match according to your preference, and you don’t even have to get a Combo if you don’t want to. I suppose if you ordered the dishes separately, you’d have more options when it comes to the serving size. I just think the Combo is a great deal if you’re going to end up buying noodles and meat together anyway.

If I were to order a combo right now, I’d go with the pairing of Chinitoyo/Kung Fu Chicken and Chicken Chops because they are my favorites from the bunch. I can’t pick a favorite between the Chinitoyo and Kung Fu Chicken. I liked them both!

I also want to mention that I really appreciated the condiments provided by Red Door Kitchen. For instance, they keep the crushed chicharon for the palabok in a separate packaging to keep it fresh. If they sprinkled this on the palabok before delivery, the chicharon would turn soggy for sure. They also carefully pack the sauces for the lumpia and chicken chops.

Now the great part about Red Door Kitchen is that they also have bakery offerings. They kind of made sure their customers didn’t have to run from place to place to complete their party-food needs huh? I was surprised to know they also have breads and cakes as part of their offerings!

Can’t Decide Cake

This hilariously and appropriately named cake is a beauty isn’t it? As you can tell, it’s got four different slices of cake kind of glued together by some frosting. It’s perfect for anyone who can’t decide what flavor to get, and also really great because then you get to try more cakes. I think more places should do this type of thing.

In the end, I was so pleasantly surprised by these cakes! They aren’t too sweet, and you can really taste the individual flavors of the super soft and fluffy cakes. My favorites are the Ube and Coffee ones. They smelled so good and tasted very authentic. I’m quite impressed.

Ube Ensaymada, Cheese Roll, and Loaf Bread

Red Door Kitchen wasn’t planning to stop winning my heart with their baked goods apparently. These three items were all excellent! I didn’t even manage to get a decent photo of each of them because I was too busy eating them up haha! 

The thing the breads had in common was a soft and fluffy crumb. I absolutely loved the ube ensaymada. Just the right amount of ube and cheese working great together. Meanwhile, the cheese roll tasted better than anything I’ve had recently. (Not kidding!) As for the loaf bread, it can beat any other popular loaf breads out there with its softness. I actually found myself craving the ensaymada and rolls even more than the noodles above. These were so good!

Final thoughts

Overall, I was really delighted by all the food from Red Door Kitchen. I definitely picture their Combos being enjoyed in many potluck parties. The dishes they have cleverly selected for their menu are surefire crowd favorites, and as you can see, the food is of great quality. Most importantly still, they are tasty!

To top it all of, you get excellent value for money ordering the Combos from Red Door Kitchen. I don’t know how much the price will change after their introductory period, but I hope it doesn’t change too drastically because I’m thinking of ordering from here for my birthday. My birthday is on January next year. We’ll see what happens haha! I’m buying ensaymada and cheese rolls in the meantime.

Speaking of birthdays, Red Door Kitchen currently has another introductory promo going on to make people’s birthdays even more fun. If it’s your birthday, just present 2 valid ID’s with your birthday written on them and you will receive a FREE Celebration Cake when you make a minimum 600-peso purchase. That’s a great deal!

Anyway, I hope you guys get to try Red Door Kitchen out and take advantage of that Php 399 intro price. If you have tried this, let me know in the comments below what you think.


Red Door Kitchen

37 E Rodriguez Sr. Ave,
Quezon City, Philippines
Hours: 7AM to 8PM (Mon to Fri); 9AM to 7PM (Sat & Holidays) 
Contact Nos: (02) 4429888 ; (02)4429-888 ; (+63)999 477 7333
Facebook | Instagram

Full disclosure: All the food you see in this post was sent to me by Red Door Kitchen, but all opinions stated above are my own. I received no monetary compensation to write this review.


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