Spoil someone this Christmas with cookies from Scout’s Honor at Hole in the Wall

Scouts Honor 1 - Spoil someone this Christmas with cookies from Scout's Honor at Hole in the Wall

I haven’t visited Hole In The Wall in such a long while I vaguely remember the first time I tried Scout’s Honor Craft Cookies. Their display cases will draw you in with specialty cookies in different sizes and forms, and they even have a DIY area for creating your own craft cookie. Very cool stuff.

The brains behind this concept is none other than Chef Miko Aspiras– pastry chef extraordinaire and one half of the genius duo behind Le Petit Soufflé, Workshop Bespoke Bakery, and Freezer Burn. Scout’s Honor is one of his first babies, and you can see his signature touch in the creativity of the cookies on display.

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Scout’s Honor is clearly inspired by the popular Girl Scout Cookies of the US. Here, they serve cookies that are freshly made everyday using premium ingredients. In fact you can see the team hard at work behind the counter, making tons and tons of cookie dough throughout the day. Cookies are one of my favorite things to bake so I always stop to appreciate the action every time I pass by here.

The cookies here at Scout’s Honor are divided into two lines: The Eagle Scouts which are the premium cookies, and the Cub Scouts which are the smaller and less flashy cookies. Let’s take a look at the ones I tried, shall we?

Eagle Scout Cookies

Because I came in the evening, there were a bunch of their cookies that were already sold out. (Saddest about the Citrus one.) However I did still get to sample a good handful of their most popular premium cookies, and each one of these cookies on the Eagle Scouts line were delicious!

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The S’more Tag-Along has this annoying habit of falling apart, but I really like how the chocolate and shortbread complement each other. Cookie Inception had a delightful aftertaste thanks to the combo of Oreos inside a perfectly salted chocolate chip cookie shell. The surprise for me was the Cereal Cookie Bar, which I was expecting it to be super sweet judging from its appearance. Its base had the right mix of cinnamon and other spices to balance things out, and it also smelled like autumn. So good!

The Valrhona Truffle Cookie looks super simple but it packs a delicious punch and a cream cheese surprise inside. One of my faves for sure! The Matcha Sesame Cookie is exactly that: A great combo of matcha shortbread and flavorsome black sesame filling. Lastly, the Thin Mint is a great combination of chocolate and mint, without the latter tasting like toothpaste that’s been sandwiched between deep chocolate cookies. I really enjoyed it even though I wish the filling was a little less firm.

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Now that I think about it, it’s hard for me to pick just one favorite among the cookies here. My three most memorable cookies were the Valrhona, Cereal Cookie Bar, and the Thin Mint. I also really enjoyed Cookie Inception even though it’s one of those cookies I can actually make here at home.

Cub Scout Cookies

These Cub Scouts are like the junior version of the more impressive Eagle Scout Cookies, but while they may look rather simple at a glance, there’s nothing simple about the flavors these cookies pack.

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The Ultimate Triple Chocolate Cookie is one of my favorites. It leans towards crunchy, but the dough is salted enough that the chocolate in the cookies get highlighted. The Matcha White Chocolate Cookie is just okay for me since I’m not big on white chocolate, but the Cashew, Macadamia & Dark Chocolate Cookie makes up for my lack of excitement. I love the crunch this cookie possesses, with the yummy nuts and all. Adding the dark chocolate in there makes it even better.

The Red Velvet one is definitely the sweetest of the bunch, and the Rocky Road really gives you that chocolate-nutty-gooey feel. However, the one that stole the spotlight was the Gooey Ube cookie. What a genius way to incorporate Pinoy ingredients into a cookie! The Gooey Ube has a soft and chewy ube base, topped with toasted marshmallows and candied mango strips.

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Picking favorites, it’s clear I have a thing for the Gooey Ube cookie. I’m hoping it’s not a Christmas cookie so more people can try it throughout the year. But I also really love the Triple Chocolate as well as the Cashew, Macadamia & Dark Chocolate Cookie.

Final thoughts

I think it’s difficult not to be impressed by the offerings at Scout’s Honor. It’s almost as if Chef Miko Aspiras took all the different great cookie ideas, created his own versions of them, and put them in one place. There are so many choices it’s almost overwhelming. I honestly had such a hard time picking, and it would’ve taken me forever to decide if it weren’t for the recommendations of the lady taking my orders behind the cash register. And what can I say? None of the cookies disappointed!

I don’t often eat a lot of sweets but I would say that cookies are one of my guilty pleasures, and actually I’m rather picky with them. I’m happy these cookies hit the spot for me– they weren’t overly sweet or cloying. (Note that I did break each cookie into portions to share and get to sample all.) The best part is these cookies deliver the flavor they promise you instead of just being plainly sweet.

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That said, the only downside to these cookies is their price point. These aren’t things I would think of buying on a regular basis because they are on the expensive side. A box of 6 Eagle Scouts will cost you around Php490 (!!!), and that really ain’t cheap for 6 pieces of cookies. These are more like treats fit for Christmas and special occasions; or when you’re feeling more generous about shelling out special gifts for the cookie monsters in your life.

In all other aspects however, these Scout’s Honor Craft Cookies are well-thought of, well-made, and truly deserving of the monicker “artisanal”. If I compare them with the specialty cookies sold in famous bakeries in the States that I’ve tried, they come really close quality-wise. (And price-wise too, let’s face it.) These actually exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were very high because of their price point.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5


Scout’s Honor Craft Cookies

Level 4, Hole In The Wall,
Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave.,
Makati, Metro Manila
Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM (Holiday hours may vary)
Contact Nos: (02) 887 2698
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Full disclosure: This post is sponsored thanks to the GCs I received from the Tasteless Food Group Marketing Team. However, all opinions stated above are my own. Big thanks to Tasteless Food Group and Scout’s Honor for this Christmas treat. 🙂

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