Holiday slow-down at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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The older I get, the more I appreciate the importance of being able to unwind. As someone who likes to juggle a lot of extracurriculars alongside work, relaxing is a skill I seem to have lost along the way. I kind of even lost touch with my friends for a little while there. And perhaps realizing the lack of these things in my life made me appreciate all the more places like The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. You know, those hangout spots that remind you to slow down and enjoy the moment.

While it’s nice to be able to work and all, in life we need to maintain balance or risk getting burnt out. 2017 was all about being burnt out for me, and frankly, I don’t want to be like one of those people who just continuously whine. I want to rediscover the ability to appreciate even simple idle moments that help cleanse my mind of troubles. That’s why a visit to this coffee shop was rather timely.

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Hanging out in coffee shops is something that I just recently learned to appreciate. I don’t know what it is, but something about the ambiance makes me feel relaxed. I like the fact that it does that to everyone who enters the place.

I wanted to write this post as sort of an appreciation post more than anything. My brothers and I recently had a mini bonding session at a The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf branch, and it made me realize just how much I miss spending time with the important people in my life. That’s been one of the missing factors of my 2017, I think. This was a rather cozy venue for that.

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Let me talk about the food and drinks we had for a second. Having never tried any of CBTL’s savory menu items before, I was pleasantly surprised by the sandwiches we ordered. They were pretty tasty and I loved eating them with a side of Houjicha, especially that salmon and cream cheese bagel– a family favorite so I guess we’re biased haha!

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One of the most important things in a coffee shop are their cakes, and I also can’t remember the last time I tried any of CBTL’s so we decided to get two. The Lemon Pistachio one was soft and moist but sweet for my non-sweet tooth self because of the praline, but my brothers devoured it and left me a tiny piece to try haha!

The cheesecake was a delight, with a tanginess that left you wanting more. No wonder some of my friends really like the cheesecake here.

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The drinks were something that I was pretty confident about. Among the CBTL drinks I’ve tried, I haven’t had any that I didn’t like. Their Mexican Chocolate drinks are awesome for those rare days I’m not looking for coffee, and I wish they would make it a permanent thing on the menu.

I also feel excited to try their holiday chocolate-berry drinks. I hope I get to pop by a branch soon. That’s the only thing I find to be a problem when it comes to hanging out at CBTL: I don’t have a branch near me, as far as I know. 😅

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Well that’s all for me today. Just thought I’d pop by and remind everyone to take it slow over the next few days and appreciate the moments we’re spending with our loved ones for the holidays. May New Year holiday pa! ❤️

PS. Special thanks to my The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf family for always remembering me.

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  1. Dianne
    4 January, 2018

    I love CBTL’s pastries! Too bad they continued my favorite banana slice with caramel topping 🙁


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