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The return of McDonald’s Fish & Fries

My best friends and I decided to meet up last week at our neighborhood McDonald’s for our lunch break. Partly it was because we had heard that McDonald’s just brought back their very awesome and very British Fish & Fries. Just in time for the Lenten season! They introduced this menu item before, but I didn’t get a chance to try it then. Luckily they brought it back.

McDonald’s Fish & Fries is exactly as the name suggests—a fair-sized golden fish fillet served with McDonald’s Word Famous Fries. It costs Php150 for a Fish & Fries value meal that includes a drink. I decided to go for pineapple juice instead of softdrinks so I had to add Php 7.

If fries aren’t a filling option for you during mealtime, you can sub it out for rice. The Fish & Rice meal option also goes for Php150. Changing between rice and fries can be done at no additional cost.

Before I forget to mention, you can take your pick among three different flavored dips for your Fish & Fries: Tartar sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and Thousand Island. Personally, I prefer the tartar sauce for a more classic British feel.

The fish was surprisingly tender and a bit sweet, with a thin breading that’s been fried into a crunch. Initially I was scared that I would find more breading and less meat, but that’s not the case. I just wish the serving was bigger.

The Fish & Fries also comes in a 2-piece option, and I believe the price is Php200+ for a value meal. Interestingly enough, the Fish & Fries is available during Breakfast and Regular Hours in all McDonald’s stores nationwide, which means you have tons of opportunity to grab some! I actually imagine the Fish & Fries would go really well with some McSpaghetti. Try it out and tell me what you think!

This post is brought to you by McDonald’s Philippines. For more information, visit their Website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


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