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Discovering food offerings for every taste and mood at Sky Ranch Tagaytay

When my friends and I took a road trip down South, I asked them if they wanted to take a pit stop at Sky Ranch Tagaytay and they readily said yes. This was the first time I got to visit the place with my friends since I was always with my family before. I think regardless of who you go with, a visit to Sky Ranch will always be filled with so much laughter, and so much food. I had an absolute blast!

My friends and I all have different personalities, and needless to say we all have different tastes in food. Luckily, Sky Ranch has a ton of food options. Whatever it is you and your friends are craving for– whether it’s sweet, spicy, or savory– they’ll have it. I actually think this is a good thing, because going around amusement parks can be quite hunger-inducing.

Food stalls are scattered everywhere throughout Sky Ranch, and most of the restaurants are accessible from both outside and inside the amusement park proper. There are plenty of food stands a couple of steps away from the rides, so it’s easy to get tempted to go for a bite between having fun. Check out some of the food stops we made during our visit to Sky Ranch Tagaytay!


TK Takoyaki serves up freshly cooked takoyaki for just Php 30. You get four pieces of takoyaki and your choice between a sweet or a spicy sauce. Of course we had to try one of each.

While our takoyaki orders were being cooked by the highly energetic kuya, we busied ourselves by reading all the post-it notes they had here. It happened to be the weekend before Valentine’s when we visited so this was a cute gimmick. The friendly staff here at TK Takoyaki were encouraging us to write our own hugot lines and stick them on, but I preferred reading all the funny stuff written here.

Ano ang mas nakakatakot? I think it would be not getting my salary on the 15th hahaha! These little sticky notes were an effective distraction actually. It didn’t feel like too long until our orders were ready.

Just like any takoyaki, these balls are filled with seafood and veggies inside. The spicy isn’t exactly spicy; more like something with a peppery kick. The sweet reminds me of the thick sauce in sweet and sour dishes, minus the sour note.

The takoyaki balls are HUGE, and that’s probably why they are also softer than what I’m used to. It’s definitely something you need to eat in one bite because it breaks apart if you’re not quick enough. (On that note, proceed with caution. These are hot!) The topping is a mixture of teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and fish powder. They give the takoyaki a flavor boost for sure.

These takoyaki balls actually shocked me because I wasn’t expecting them to be so big for the price. It’s a good thing we shared the two orders among the four of us! I personally preferred the spicy variety since I’m not big on sweet things.


Funnily enough, the takoyaki seemed to whet our appetites because we suddenly realized how hungry we were right after snacking on them. We had our proper lunch at a restaurant called Jose, and according to their manager, they are the only restaurant that offers Unlimited Bulalo in this area. I did notice that many establishments here at Sky Ranch offer some form of unlimited dish, and aside from bulalo, I believe Jose also offers unlimited fried chicken.

The restaurant has an interesting interior consisting of a mishmash of concepts and tapestries, but somehow it manages to still be cozy. It’s even cozier if you opt for the sofa seating, which we did. There weren’t a lot of people in the restaurant yet when we arrived, but as the minutes ticked by the place started to fill up.

Named after its owner Jose, this restaurant serves up mostly classic Filipino dishes that are big enough to share among a family of six. My friends and I had only three dishes and it still felt like way too much!

The first dish that came out was the Prime-Cut Tuna Kinilaw (Php 275). Shreds of green mango cover the cuts of tuna that have been marinated in Jose’s special vinegar concoction. I personally like kinilaw but I found that this could use a bit more of that sweet tanginess I always crave in these types of dishes. It’s salty and sour with a light spicy kick, and since I like sour things I enjoyed this enough.

Up next we have the Sizzling Chili Garlic Crispy Pata (Php 495), which smelled heavenly as it was served. I could feel that everyone on the table was anticipating this dish as they waited for me to finish photographing! This was so buttery and sinful, with some surprisingly sweet notes underneath that garlic and chili taste. The texture of the pork was just right, and I enjoyed this with a little bit of Jose’s soy sauce dip.

Saving the best for last, we have Jose’s Unli Bulalo (Php 750). This was my personal favorite of the three dishes we tried, and even though we weren’t able to maximize its unli-ness, I was really happy with this hearty bowl of soup! The beef was tender, and the non-oily broth was just the right amount of flavorful and rich. Nothing about this dish is overwhelming, and I love that it has lots of veggies.

The bowls of rice they serve here is also unlimited for Php 75. Obviously rice is a very important part of any meal involving Filipino food. Another thing that never seems to be absent from Pinoy meals is the iced tea– in this case Jose’s Blended Raspberry Iced Tea (Php 105) and Healthy Moringa Mix (Php 105). I preferred the raspberry one.

Since this was my first time dining at Jose, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and taste of the food. I liked the bulalo a lot, and I think it is the perfect choice to highlight here at Jose as an unli option. It is definitely one of their stronger dishes.


My friends and I have developed this habit where we stop by a coffeeshop after a particularly savory feast, and clearly that routine was not limited only to Manila. Waiting for us with open arms just a few steps away from Jose was Krispy Kreme. The iconic doughnut chain is so hard to miss!

I loved this branch of Krispy Kreme. It’s not too big but also not too small, with comfy seats perfect for chatting the whole afternoon away. We had to control ourselves. My friends and I have this ability to just talk for hours on end even if we communicate with each other everyday on Viber already. I was scared we’d be here until the place closed down for the day!

Krispy Kreme always makes these limited edition doughnuts, and for Valentine’s they had all these cute 50-peso heart-shaped doughnuts on display. We couldn’t resist trying some despite being full already. Here at the Sky Ranch Tagaytay branch of Krispy Kreme, they have this outdoor seating area that is super Instagram-worthy. Needless to say, we took our doughnuts and coffee outside.

As expected, these doughnuts are fluffy and tasty, with the quality we have grown accustomed to from Krispy Kreme. The pink one is a Chocolate Strawberry doughnut, filled with Strawberry cream, then dipped in strawberry glaze and drizzled with ganache. We also tried out the classic Red Velvet Doughnut with a creamy not-too-sweet New York Cheesecake filling.

Despite splitting these doughnuts among me and my friends, we could still get the full effect of the flavors within our individual small pieces. I really liked the red velvet one. And now I’m left wondering what limited edition doughnut Krispy Kreme is coming up with next.


After getting our tummies filled, we wandered around the park for a bit and stopped by Juice Avenue for some refreshment. This brand might be familiar to some of you since it is pretty much everywhere, carrying a full collection of fruit juices and smoothies at affordable prices.

I believe them when they say they have only fresh juices in these bottled drinks. I can literally see the fruit fibers swimming around inside the bottle! Instead of bottled juice however, I decided to order a smoothie called Wall Street. It contained carrot aside from orange, pineapple, and apple. I don’t know what it is but I seem to enjoy juices and smoothies that have a bit of carrot in them.

The resulting drink looks more like a slushie than a smoothie. Regardless, I loved how delicious and refreshing this tasted. It had a natural non-cloying sweetness too. I could even sense the carrot taste.


Right across Juice Avenue is this stand that sells cotton candies formed into giant shapes. I think this cotton candy “art” is still enjoying a little bit of popularity at the moment, so we allowed ourselves to feel delighted like kids as we watched our flower cotton candy take shape. You can actually opt for a certain number of flavors that will go into your cotton candy, but in our case we picked all 5 flavors.

The process of making the cotton candy is actually quick, mostly because the thing starts to melt if you don’t start eating it immediately after it is made. This is definitely something that kids would go crazy over. And I guess that applies to the kids at heart too!

The fun part about this cotton candy is how each color tastes like their respective flavors even after they’ve been wound together like this. You can even taste the pandan! What a sweet way to end our visit to Sky Ranch Tagaytay.

Well this post turned into an unexpectedly long one! The food spots we tried this day were barely even a quarter of what Sky Ranch Tagaytay has to offer in terms of gastronomic delights. There’s still churros, fries, shawarma… The list goes on and on. It’s literally a place you can explore if you like trying out different kinds of food, alongside the many daring rides in the park of course. Just a piece of advice: Don’t eat something heavy before you go on the rides! 😉

What’s funny is that I got so excited by the idea of shooting our food that I completely forgot to take a photo of the Sky Eye before the fog settled! Nonetheless, this experience was still super memorable because I had my friends with me for a change. Places like Sky Ranch Tagaytay are always best enjoyed with people close to your heart, don’t you agree?


Sky Ranch Tagaytay

Tagaytay – Nasugbu Hwy, Kaybagal South,
Tagaytay, Cavite
Hours: Monday to Friday 10AM to 10PM / Saturday to Sunday 8AM to 10PM
Contact Nos: 0921 323 3389
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