Less hunger, more adventures with San Marino Tuna Paella

I live for long vacations. Since starting work I don’t get them often enough. Any time there are several holidays in a row, you can be sure I’m spending it with my family. I always appreciate these bonding opportunities since our busy schedules can get in the way. Now there are two things we love doing together as a family the most: discovering awesome places to eat and experiencing new places through travel.

If there’s one thing I learned in all our travels, it’s that it can be super tiring to jump from one place to another. Our itineraries are always jam-packed in our desire to explore! Sometimes we’re all propelled by adrenaline to keep going, but I always make it a point to bring extra fuel with me in the form of baon inside my bag. I probably got this habit from my Mom, but it’s one of the most useful things when you’re in unfamiliar territory– just in case you don’t spot any restaurants or convenience stores nearby.

Of course when I bring baon, I always consider whether my family will like it. It’s also important that it won’t spoil or crumble easily inside my bag. Sometimes I actually bring a little travel pouch with small tins of San Marino Corned Tuna and crackers inside, alongside some San Marino Tuna Paella. Because it’s already a complete meal in a can with protein, vegetables, and Spanish paella rice, it can help fend off hunger more effectively. The easy-to-open can also means all I really need is a spoon and voila! Eating on the roadside is literally no problem.

My family and I have been buying San Marino products since it was first launched so even when we’re at home, we just grab a can of San Marino Tuna Paella from the pantry when heavy hunger strikes between mealtimes. Come to think of it, I actually have a couple of cans in my office drawer alongside some San Marino Corned Tuna and crackers. I clearly have no plans to be “hangry” wherever I am!

San Marino Tuna Paella comes in a 180 gram can. If you want to know more about San Marino Tuna Paella, you can check them out at

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