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Affordable Japanese feasting at Go Bento BGC

BGC is known as the land of many big and beautiful buildings, and in recent years it has also become quite the foodie destination. I can’t deny that most of the food options here are on the higher end of the spectrum as far as prices go, but every now and then a place like Go Bento pops up that promises to offer good food at wallet-friendly prices. A glance at the colorful menu of Go Bento makes it clear that you are spoiled for choice once you come here to eat. The dishes aren’t over 200 pesos, which is awesome considering the location and apparent serving sizes of the dishes.

The interior of Go Bento is simple, and I love the snapshots of Japan posted all over the walls. I think this is a fairly new redesign of the interior, and seeing the old pictures I like this new version better. They used to be a grab-and-go type of place, but now their dishes are prepared as you order. Freshly prepared food is always better, and all the more when you can sit down and enjoy it.

Go Bento is a surprisingly spacious restaurant, and you can either sit on the tables or sit on the high stools to enjoy your meal.

When we arrived at 11am, we were the first customers only for a few minutes. Soon enough, more and more people filed in. Considering this place is kind of hidden from the main roads and entrances to Bonifacio High Street, I found it interesting that many people knew how to come here anyway.

Looking around at Go Bento, there were tons of photos boasting the different menu items here. The photos looked pretty good and the prices were really affordable too, so to maximize our visit, my companions and I decided to try a bunch of different dishes. The seven of us had a literal feast!

Pork Katsu Curry Bento (Php 185) 🌟

Beautifully coated and fried pork katsu is covered with a fragrant and flavorful curry sauce. It’s served with rice, some salad, and miso soup. My companions actually voted for this as one of their favorite dishes of the meal, thanks to that crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside pork katsu. The curry had a nice taste. For Php 185 this is a pretty good deal!

Ebi & Veggie Tempura Bento (Php 185)

Although the shrimp used here are a bit small, I have to say they know how to cook a good tempura. The breading was just right. I think tempura lovers will go for this!

Gyudon (Php 145) 🌟

This was well-seasoned and the serving size was certainly good enough for one person. It’s got just the right balance of sweet and salty that pairs well with rice. The meat is cooked well too since it wasn’t tough or dry.

Yakitori Donburi (Php 99) 🌟

This was my favorite donburi hands down The moment they set it on your table it’s so appetizing your mouth will start to water. You get two chicken mean skewers plus one that’s made up solely of chicken skin. All of that is drizzled with a savory-sweet teriyaki-like sauce that goes really great with rice. For the price, this dish is a COMPLETE STEAL.

Chicken Shoyu Ramen (Php 185) 🌟

The broth of this ramen has a nice richness to it. There seems to be some black garlic oil in there too. The chicken I got was a bit too charred to my liking, and the taste permeated into the soup. I still liked this well enough though.

Spicy Tuna Maki (Php 105, also available in Salmon)

These are your typical kani and cucumber rice rolls, then topped with either spicy mayo-dressed salmon or tuna sashimi. The green bits around the rice is apparently dried seasoned nori. It had a slight kick but I wish it had a bit more umami.

Crunchy Salmon Maki (Php 105, also available in Tuna) 🌟

These were the rolls I preferred between the two we tried. This crunchy version with the bits of tempura crisps was tasty. The salmon and tuna used here are fresher than I would have anticipated for a grab-and-go type of restaurant such as Go Bento.

Gyoza (Php 145) 🌟

Surprisingly good gyoza! The wrap isn’t dry nor is it soggy, and in fact it has a nice bite, revealing some juicy meat inside. I also love the perfectly toasted bottoms. I have to say three pieces per order is a bit bitin!

Katsudog Sandwich (Php 59)

This was a surprise! For just Php 59 you can have what is possibly the most filling and unique hotdog sandwich. I loved the crunchy exterior of this, and you’d think that the inside would be made of air and just a thin piece of hotdog, but no. As you can see, that’s one giant piece of breaded hotdog!

I actually really enjoyed this, but find that once you take a few more bites it starts to get salty. That’s my only qualm. It might be the sauce? I would still actually recommend this though, and my companions all agreed. Pretty good use of 60-pesos if you ask me!

Matcha Soft Serve (Php 29)

For a 29-peso matcha soft serve, this wasn’t bad at all. It tastes like those sweet ready-to-drink matcha beverages with a strong jasmine tea scent and aftertaste. At first I couldn’t figure out whether I liked it or not, but the more I ate it, the more I ended up enjoying it haha!

Final Thoughts

The thing that amazes me the most about Go Bento is the fact that they seem to be on a mission to provide people with affordable yet above average quality meals. Most fast-food restaurants don’t pay that much attention to the quality or detail of their food, but Go Bento is an exception.

I can imagine many office workers, or even students, will find a meal here rather satisfying. The dishes are flavorful and yet won’t hurt the wallet. Their bentos are especially good value because they provide a solid full meal for below Php 200, with good quality rice and meats plus a serving of veggies and soup. Add a bit more cash to get a drink and a little more for dessert and you’re pretty much set. As far as budget-friendly meals go, Go Bento offers better quality than most fast-food places out there.


Go Bento

9th Street, corner Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Hours: Monday to Sunday 10AM to 10PM
Contact Nos: (02) 8651565 / +63998 952 9796
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