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Another Take Root Snacks Haul, another review

I have no idea if you guys like healthy snacks enough to care about this review, but I think I may be a bit obsessed with Take Root Kale Chips. When I found out that they had come up with some new flavors, I immediately went to their website to make an order. Some people don’t like the taste of kale, but I really enjoy these chips for some reason. I probably would buy them more regularly were they cheaper, but sometimes your cravings just win over your frugality, you know?

If you don’t know what Take Root is, it’s actually a Filipino brand that makes these healthier alternatives to junk food and sweet snacks. For the record, they don’t sponsor me or send me free stuff. I just genuinely like most of their products so far, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you all. Read on to get a better idea of how I feel about Take Root and their products! 😉

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Peanut Bliss Balls (4/5)

These dangerously addictive chewy balls are reminiscent of Chocnut without that cloying sweetness that stays in your throat. I eat this after gym for a sugar boost before work. It only gets a 4 because I love the chocolate variant more.

Choco Banana Chewies (5/5)

Love these! Dark chocolate goes perfectly with the bananas since they are quite sweet on their own. I only gave the regular chewies a 3 out of 5 last time so obviously I am quite pleased with this development. (You can read my previous review here, by the way.)

Champorado Granola (3.5/5)

I enjoyed munching on these to a certain extent since I love puffed rice, and they’ve got this sweet-salty flavor profile going on. The eating experience is somewhat similar to when you eat chocolatey champorado with milk and a bit of tuyo, except this one is crunchy. However they are a bit too indulgent and sweet for me so I find I can’t eat a lot in one sitting.

It goes great with a really cold glass of milk!

Monkey Trail Mix (3/5)

This trail mix has cashews, very sweet dried bananas, and some crunchy cacao nibs. It’s kind of funny that the cacao nibs were crunchier than the cashews. In any case, I think I’ve established with this that I don’t enjoy sweet trail mixes as much as I do salty/savory ones. It’s not the fault of Take Root though. Just my personal preference.

I do know a lot of my friends who would love this though, specifically ones with a sweet tooth. Those dried bananas are really really sweet, only balanced out by the earthy cacao nibs.

Kale Chips in Rosemary Peppercorn (3.75/5) and Margherita Pizza (5/5)

I’m lumping these two together because I can’t seem to find my photo for the Margherita flavor. A shame, since I love that one!

So the Rosemary Peppercorn one has a sort of citrusy undertone with just a hint of pepper. Tasty, but if I compare it with the others, this one has a weird aftertaste. I realize Kale Chips are an acquired taste (my brothers don’t like these but I love them) but this flavor might not be the best place to start getting acquainted with kale chips.

If you’re ordering Take Root Kale Chips for the first time, I suggest going with the Cheeze flavor, or the Margherita one. The Margherita Kale Chips is possibly my new favorite. I love tomato flavored things so this was a no brainer for me! It’s got a nice aftertaste too. Also, I just want to say, I LOVE HOW BIG THE KALE CHIPS ARE. Makes the eating experience more fun!

It’s obvious after this second review that none of my opinions about this brand have changed. I still love and enjoy their healthier snack options. The Kale Chips remain my favorites from their product line because I tend to lean towards savory things rather than sweet, and I must say, it’s nice to have more flavor options to choose from now. I’m excited to see what flavor they’ll come up with next.

It’s just really unfortunate that these snacks are expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, these start to feel more like special treats because of the price point. At least they’re healthy indulgences right?


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