Power up your kids with the power of potatoes! [feat. Potatoes USA]

I remember as a kid back in the 90’s I had a lot of things on my plate, but kids these days seem to have an even longer list of things to do for school. It’s often a dinner table topic when I eat out with my married cousins. They’re always talking about endless homework and stuff their kids need to study in advance in order to get ahead in school. It’s a miracle my little nephews and nieces still have energy to play with me whenever I see them!

Kids these days need all the energy they can muster, and the best way to give that to them is through proper nutrition. Adding potatoes to their diets is one solution. Contrary to the popular belief, potatoes are good carbs. They are in fact “quality carbs”.

I am not saying you should feed kids tons of potato fries to give them their fill of this superfood. There are plenty other ways to serve potatoes that are both healthy and delicious. Whatever your family’s favorite cuisine is, there will surely be a recipe involving potatoes out there.

Recently, the Potatoes USA organization visited the culinary club of Diliman Preparatory School in Quezon City to give a hands-on cooking demo involving potatoes. They let the kids try preparing the recipes as well, and it was a session filled with learning about the health benefits of the potato, as well as its versatility.

The workshop was conducted by Chef Kristine Lotilla, and all the students who got to join are members of the school’s Little Chefs Club. They prepared two recipes, Broccoli Cheddar Potato Puff, and Chocolate Mashed Potato Truffle.

To encourage the kids to try the recipes at home, each student was given a mashed potato kit containing dehydrated potatoes, milk, butter, and salt. Here are the recipes they made, in case you want to try them out yourself with your kids:

My decision to write this article is mainly because I support what Potatoes USA is doing as an organization. They have not only brought a variety of fresh, frozen, and dehydrated potatoes to our shores, they are also continuously helping us learn about its health benefits, as well as the many creative ways to serve potatoes.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to children, but to people of all ages. Preparing and portioning potatoes the right way can be a step towards better health and happiness, for the kids and for ourselves. Learn more about potato nutrition on the Potatoes USA site!

This post was brought to you by Potatoes USA.

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