Local Discoveries: MC Special Rice

MC Rice COVER - Local Discoveries: MC Special Rice

One of the most gratifying things about this whole blogging thing is when I can sit down and write about a local brand with a glowing heart, because the moment we took my first bite of MC Special Rice, I knew I was going to rave about it. My mom loved it too actually. She was immediately asking, between spoonfuls of the rice, where and how to order.

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For the longest time I have felt that our local brands have so much potential, if only we could put them on the spotlight more. As you guys know, I like to make listicles about local brands that I discover, whether on my own or by way of the brand’s introduction of themselves. But from those round-up’s, only certain brands end up being my real favorites. MC Special Rice has earned a spot on that list.

Healthy days with MC Special Rice

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MC Special Rice is harvested from the province of Isabela, so every order made goes into supporting the farmers there. This direct relationship helps in keeping the price of the rice lower than what you find in supermarkets, but there is no lack in quality or freshness. The brand began in October 2017 so it’s a relatively young one, with the goal of making special unpolished rice more visible in Metro Manila. The brand’s office in Manila is located in Quezon City, and this is where the rice gets shipped out when you order.

The pride of MC Special Rice is their organic unpolished rice. By definition, unpolished rice is rice that has undergone less milling or “whitening”. Compared to polished rice, they retain more of the natural nutrients available in rice (fiber, zinc, iron, vitamin A among others) because they have not been stripped of all the bran layers.

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Rice in itself isn’t strictly unhealthy, but the intake of too much of the wrong kind of rice becomes bad for us. That’s where MC Special Rice comes in. They promise pesticide-free and high quality unpolished rice at an affordable price because they want to promote a healthier lifestyle that is accessible to everyone. After trying their rice variants, I am inclined to believe them.

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If you take a look at those dietary meal plan providers online, you would notice they make use of brown or red or black rice. These are all types of unpolished rice. Their higher fiber content makes you feel fuller faster, which prevents you from overeating. Most people enjoy white polished rice because of its easier-to-chew texture, but again, if we consider the health benefits of polished versus unpolished, it’s really hard to say that white rice is preferable from a health standpoint.

Kinds of unpolished rice

The health benefits of Brown Rice have long been brought to light, but I think it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that this rice has been proven to reduce cholesterol levels and can aid in the prevention of atherosclerosis (harmful build-up that can clog the arteries). The fiber content of brown rice also helps keep blood sugar levels under control, which makes it a good choice for people with diabetes.

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Brown Rice at Php 65/kilo

Meanwhile, Red Rice contains a high amount of anthocyanin in its red pigment. Much like how anthocyanin works in berries, it also provides antioxidant properties to red rice, helping to combat free radicals in the body. It also contains iron, zinc, and vitamin E, which all work to slow the aging of cells and prevent cardiovascular diseases. 

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Red Rice at Php 79/kilo

Black Rice (aka “Forbidden Rice”) is highly regarded in Chinese traditional medicine because of its health benefits. It is naturally high in antioxidants and detoxifies the body. It’s a good source of fiber, iron, and amino acids. It also helps lower the risk of diabetes and obesity, as well as promotes better heart health. 

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Black Rice at Php 89/kilo

If you’re not sure if you will enjoy purely black or red rice, you can check out their Multigrain Rice, which is a mixture of brown, red, and black. If you are initially shifting from white polished to unpolished rice, I think this is a good introduction to the world of unpolished rice. This was the favorite in our house, and I totally understand why. It goes for Php 70 per kilo.

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Multigrain Rice at Php 70/kilo

Honestly, I don’t eat white rice unless I’m eating maki or sushi, but I will gladly eat the multigrain rice of MC Special Rice because I feel super satisfied afterwards. I also like the other rice variants but this is a good everyday rice option, I think. I truly enjoy the texture and chewiness of the rice, especially when eaten alongside ulam that has some sauce.

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Despite all the baking I do on this blog, I’m actually very conscious of my weight. The introduction of this brand is a very welcome one.

How to cook

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The cooking process of MC Special Rice is the same as when you cook normal white rice. According to them, soaking the grains before cooking is not necessary, but it’s pretty much a habit in our home so we did it anyway. Soaking helps to remove some of the phytic acids that limit the minerals absorbed by our bodies from the rice. It also breaks down the harder-to-digest proteins of unpolished rice. Practically speaking though, soaking cuts down on the cooking time.

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For every 1 cup of rice you cook, use 1.5 cups of water. Although the rice has a natural aroma, the folks at MC Special Rice recommend adding some pandan leaves and a pinch of salt for an amazing rice experience.

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Once cooked, you will see the beautiful rice all puffed and fluffy. For the lack of a better term, pumuputok sila, and they are delightfully chewy and not rough at all actually. I really like the texture of all the rice variants. Now the only thing left to do is enjoy!

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Buying information

As I mentioned, MC Special Rice ships their rice from their office in Quezon City. However, they also do meet-ups at SM North EDSA or Trinoma. (You Northerners are pretty lucky!) You can order MC Special Rice through the following channels:

If you have any more questions, please do inquire with them through these channels as well. I hope you guys give this a go and let me know what you think!

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Full disclosure: I was sent samples of MC Special Rice to try, but all opinions stated above are my own. I received no monetary compensation for this post.

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