Local Discoveries: Molten Minis cakes from Go Eats PH

Molten Minis COVER - Local Discoveries: Molten Minis cakes from Go Eats PH

With the popularity of Instagram dessert businesses these days, it’s important to stand out in a crowded arena of cakes and pastries. Molten Minis by Go Eats seem to have figured out the unique identity they want people to remember them for, because I for one have not come across an online dessert business as literally “explosive” as this. Let me explain: Imagine a lava cake, except the molten lava parts of the cake aren’t just found on the inside, but on the outside as well. You get an oozing decadent dessert from the inside out, and all you have to do is pop a cake into the microwave.

If that sounds appealing to you, then I think you should get your hands on these Molten Minis.

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I first came across Molten Minis by Go Eats through an Instragram ad, but then they surprised me by asking if they could send me their products for me to try. You guys know I am always prepared to share and support local business that I enjoy and believe in, but I can’t keep track of them all so I’m always grateful when they introduce themselves to me. If they had not, we wouldn’t be talking about these decadent cakes today. 

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These Molten Minis are small cakes structured in such a way that the cream components on top and inside the cakes become molten once heated. The size of the cakes are bigger than the usual cupcakes, so they can definitely be shared with someone, but also not too big that you won’t be able to finish off a piece on your own. 

These Molten Minis go for almost 60 pesos per cake, which is a fair price considering the quality you get. Their box of 4 costs Php 249, while a box of 6 is Php 349. They sent me a box of six assorted flavors to try, and I honestly did not know what to expect when I first laid eyes on the Molten Mini cakes.

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Obviously, I would never know if I would like these if I didn’t try them, and so I followed the instructions on the package and popped them in the microwave a few at a time. In hindsight, I should have heated them separately so that the molten cream didn’t run into each other.

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It took longer than 30 seconds for my Molten Minis to be ready, but once they were, it was a pretty sight. You will know that your cake has been heated enough when the cream on top of the cake has completely melted down into a sauce. Any time I see something oozing from a dessert, it just makes everything feel extra exciting and indulgent somehow. 

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Starting with a classic flavor, Molten Minis has their Salted Decadence. A moist blackout chocolate cake base is filled with salted caramel, and then topped with a dark chocolate ganache. I enjoyed this one because of the chocolate and caramel mix. The cake base has a classic chocolate taste to it. It’s quite moist and lovely. You can’t go wrong with a chocolate and caramel combo after all.

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Salted Decadence Molten Mini

The Choco Bananarama was my surprise favorite from the bunch. The recipe used by Molten Minis makes a tasty banana cake that can be enjoyed on its own. With each bite, you get the sweetness and fragrance of real bananas in a moist cake. It has a banana sauce filling and a dark chocolate ganache that pair so well with the cake. I enjoy banana breads with various toppings, and chocolate is definitely one of them!

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Choco Bananarama Molten Mini

Another good one is their Carrot Cream Cheese. You can see I’m a fan of the classic flavors Molten Minis have, and again I like the recipe they used for their carrot cake base. The cream cheese comes in the form of the filling while the topping is a white chocolate ganache. I’m not a fan of white chocolate to be honest, so I kind of just focused on the cake and the cream cheese filling when I ate this. I will say however that the white chocolate ganache they used isn’t the waxy and super sweet kind I hate.

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Carrot Cream Cheese Molten Mini

Gimme S’mores is a play on the classic treat, starting with a chocolate cake base filled with dark chocolate ganache and some grahams. It is crowned with a mountain of torched marshmallow that oozes satisfyingly down the sides of the cake. I feel like this one would be a crowd favorite because of the nostalgia factor. It helps that it tastes good and the ganache in the center also flows out when you slice into the cake.

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Gimme S’mores Molten Mini

The Pandan Butter Cream has a pandan cake base that’s filled with pandan macapuno buttercream filling. The topping is a pandan buttercream that melts and flows with a buttery texture to it. This one has a nice pandan flavor with a creamy macapuno undertone, but it is too sweet for me to take more than a bite or two. 

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Pandan Butter Cream Molten Mini

Finally, there’s the gorgeously colored Ube Ooze. One for ube lovers, this cake is entirely composed of ube cake, ube buttercream filling, and ube buttercream topping. Both filling and topping have a great lava flow that is, like the S’mores variant, so satisfying to watch. I really like a solid ube hit in my ube desserts, and while this did have a nice ube taste, I felt that the sweetness of the cake overpowers the flavor a bit. 

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Ube Ooze Molten Mini

Part of the charm of consuming these Molten Minis is being able to see that “lava” ooze all over the cake. You start feeling oddly more excited than you normally would eating normal cake. Although this aspect does make the Molten Minis unique, I honestly think that it’s not just some sort of gimmick. As I taste-tested each flavor, my impression was that the mixing and matching of the cake base, the filling, and the topping for each and every cake was carefully considered. The components fit in with each other perfectly. The quality of the cakes are pretty good too. You will find no dry cakes here!

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With these Molten Minis, each cake base is good on its own already, but the experience of eating it- the mouthfeel- becomes even better with the molten sauce. Admittedly, some of the cakes are sweeter and more nakaka-umay than the others, but all in all, these cakes exceeded my expectations. If you like molten lava cakes and just generally like cakes, give these a go a let me know what you think!

To order, visit the GoEats.PH Instagram page. They also have some super cute photos in their Highlights that describe each flavor of Molten Minis. Enjoy!


Full disclosure: I was sent product samples in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated above are my own. I received no monetary compensation for this post.

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