Cherry Blossom season in Fukuoka Sample Itinerary

Tummy Train Itinerary - Cherry Blossom season in Fukuoka Sample Itinerary

I’ve never written one of these on the blog before, but I had the idea to make this Fukuoka Sample Itinerary because I wasn’t able to complete my travel series when I first posted about it last September. It would be really strange if I suddenly wrote about going to Nagasaki on a day-trip without context.

In any case, now seems to be an appropriate time to bring this back into light since I’m sure there are some of you who have booked a ticket to Fukuoka for the upcoming cherry blossom season. I can’t believe it’s next month already! If you’re looking for a Fukuoka Sample Itinerary, one that will fit four full days of exploring, then let me give you some ideas!

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The locations I shared in the video above will be the main attractions for this Fukuoka Sample Itinerary. It’s true that anywhere you go in Japan, you will be rewarded with beautiful and tranquil sights. Certainly, a trip to Fukuoka prefecture is no different. There are a ton of places you can visit about an hour or two away from the Fukuoka City center, each with unique charms and plenty of cherry blossoms!

DAY 1- Atago Shrine & Nokonoshima Island Park

In the morning, head to one of the more iconic shrines in Fukuoka called the Atago Shrine. It is just one of many shrines dedicated to fire god Atago-sama around Japan. This sacred shrine regularly hosts cherry blossom festivals at the first half of April, but you will see a lot of blooms on a regular day too.

After lunch, head on over to the Noko-dosenba Ferry Terminal and set sail for a certain magical island located in Hakata Bay. Take your time exploring the absolutely gorgeous Nokonoshima Island Park, making sure to take lots of photos with the sakura trees and the field of yellow rapeseed.

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DAY 2- Yanagawa & Dazaifu

We’re going to expand the scope of our exploration this time. Start the day by taking the train to Yanagawa. It will take about an hour to get there. Enjoy a nice boat ride before stopping by Rokkyu for a meal of special steamed eel rice you can find only in these parts.

After lunch, get on the train and head over to Dazaifu Tenman-gu. The street leading up to the shrine is filled with delicious food to fill the tummy, while the shrine itself is filled with beautiful structures and cherry blossoms to fill the soul.

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DAY 3- Daytrip to Nagasaki

Take the train from Fukuoka for a historical and solemn daytrip to Nagasaki. Here, you can start your visit at the Peace Park where the monuments dedicated to peace stand. You can also take a walk back in time and learn about the war and the atomic bombing of Nagasaki at the Atomic Bomb Museum.

In the afternoon, take a stroll along the gorgeous Glover Garden and get your fill of snacks at Glover Garden Street. Of course, the day should be ended with a view of Nagasaki from Insayama. You should try the Nagasaki specialty called Champon before heading back to Fukuoka.

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DAY 4-Shopping and food galore in Fukuoka City

  • Start your morning with a run to Manu Coffee. It’s a homegrown coffee brand that serves a mean cup of joe!
  • There are several big malls you can shop at in Fukuoka: Canal City Hakata, JR Hakata City, Marinoa City, Mitsukoshi, Tenjin Chikagai, and Tenjin Core are among the popular locations. The Don Quijote at the Tenjin area is right across a BIC Camera store. We frequented this area since it was close to our apartment.

Donki - Cherry Blossom season in Fukuoka Sample Itinerary

  • If you decide to shop in Canal City, you may want to eat at the Ramen Stadium where we were able to try Shodai Hide-Chan. There are a ton of other places to try ramen apart from Ichiran!
  • If you want to try a Hakata specialty, Hanamidori serves up some delicious mizutaki hotpot. They have several branches in Fukuoka City.
  • For a more classy way to finish your stay in Fukuoka, try out an omakase meal at La Maison de la Nature Goh.
  • As a final stop before wrapping up your trip, pass by Maizuru Park for some evening appreciation of cherry blossoms.

Here’s my round-up of the things we enjoyed eating in Fukuoka!

And there you have it! It’s a fairly simple Fukuoka Sample Itinerary, but one that I feel will give you a pretty satisfying taste of what Fukuoka has to offer– both in terms of sightseeing and in food. I totally fell in love with cherry blossom season thanks to Fukuoka, and I hope that you guys get to experience the beautiful springtime here too!

I’ll be back in a few days to share with you the things we saw in Nagasaki. 🙂

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