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Single Origin: One of my favorite places for coffee and chill

If there’s one coffee shop I feel like I don’t visit enough, it’s Single Origin. Out of the coffee shops I’ve visited in the metro, I find myself inexplicably drawn to two so far. Single Origin is one, and Yardstick is the other. I suppose one could say the ambiance of either coffee shop could not be any more different than the other, but both places give me a very similar feeling.

They aren’t huge coffee shops, but they manage to invoke a feeling of spaciousness inside. It gives me a lot of comfort. They have this certain quiet that helps me think. And it helps that both places serve good coffee too.

Compared to the lighter colors of Yardstick’s interiors, Single Origin has a bit of a dark brick warehouse vibe. It’s a comfy place too though. Just like with Yardstick, their tables are all in different sizes, but large enough for you to lay out your things and work on something creative.

You know how sometimes you have to step away from your normal workplace and have a change in scenery to help your mind conjure things up? Oddly enough, not all coffee shops help towards this purpose. For instance, I could never get myself to sit still inside a Starbucks because it’s too crowded and too noisy.

Their collection of Hario products for sale. I would like to buy one!

Anyway, I love how the vibe of Single Origin works for me. It’s a relaxing environment that encourages me to be productive, rather than a stressful environment that pressures me into getting stuff done. It’s also the sort of place that encourages one to just sit and focus on hanging out with people, rather than a place that kind of makes you want to rush and take your order to go. There are places like that. (Arabica % is such a place for me actually.)

On my last visit, Single Origin was still a Zomato affiliate. I ordered Hot Peruvian Mocha and Maple Vanilla Cold Brew to avail the 2+2 drink promo, and the waiter messed my order up by giving me a hot drink rather than the cold one I ordered. They also charged me the price for a cold drink (just a tiny bit more expensive), but because I didn’t have it in me to waste an already prepared cup of coffee, I just accepted the drink. It was delicious either way.

I was in a great mood that day, despite a bout of jetlag. My brothers and I were chilling at Single Origin, without rhyme or reason. Just because. And it relaxed me in a way that I really needed. You don’t quite realize the value of relaxation until you actually go and do it. It’s such a blessing for the tired soul. 

Hot Peruvian Mocha (Php 180)
Maple Vanilla Cold Brew (Php 220)

To me, one thing that Yardstick does better than Single Origin is the food. Granted, I haven’t eaten that many dishes from Single Origin, but I find the creativity of Yardstick’s limited menu as commendable as the taste. The food I’ve tried from Single Origin so far has been okay but not particularly memorable. I only remember how expensive they are for the size lol. That said, not every coffee shop manages to make food as good as this. 

Truffle Fries (Php 180)
Corned Beef & Egg Waffles (Php 495)

Honestly, I don’t know what compelled me to write this meandering blog post, but when I was sorting through my files in preparation for a new blogging year, I came across this Single Origin photoset. I wasn’t initially planning to post about it anymore, but looking through the photos I remembered the feeling of calm I get when I come here. And it was a much needed one considering the physical and mental tiredness I feel right now. 

I‘m curious to know what everyone else’s favorite coffee spot is. If you had one coffee shop you wish would open right next to your house so you could go there more often, which would it be? I would love to explore more coffee spaces next year so I can add to this meager list of favorites. 🙂


Single Origin

G/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati
Hours: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday : 7AM to 12AM / Wednesday: 7AM to 12:30AM / Thursday: 7AM to 1AM / Friday, Saturday: 7AM to 2AM
Contact No.: 0977 390 0429 / (02) 7 728 2467
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Full disclosure: This post is NOT sponsored in any way. I paid for this meal on my own and received no compensation for writing this feature. All opinions stated above are my own.

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