My AllDay Supermarket online shopping experience

AllDay COVER - My AllDay Supermarket online shopping experience

Sharing with you my first AllDay Supermarket online shopping experience! It likely won’t be my last.

My love for visiting supermarkets is probably aligned with my curious and slightly obsessive nature. When I travel, I always have to visit the local supermarket, and I end up spending majority of my budget buying local grocery items to take home, alongside food of course. It’s not clothes or bags for me, it’s food and food items. I’m sure some of you understand. Unsurprisingly, I get a kick out of browsing the online counterparts of supermarkets as well.

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It was my first time looking through AllDay Supermarket’s online store, and as expected, my curiosity had me sifting through the products for hours to see their offerings. I was honestly impressed by the selection. There were a bunch of things that you won’t easily find in other supermarkets, especially when it comes to the imported products. I got to order some products I’ve been wanting to try for a while now.

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The ordering experience is also pretty straightforward. I enjoyed browsing the site because the products are well-organized by category. They will contact you in the case of unavailable items. My shopper Rowell was incredibly kind and patient as he suggested alternatives and allowed me to pick out the replacements for my unavailable items. I can’t decide if I’m more impressed by the customer service or the goods they carry. Both left good impressions on me. 

In the future, I hope they will allow you to pick your delivery time. Although they promise same-day delivery for orders, you won’t know what time it will arrive. I will say though that their 24/7 delivery is quite a big deal.

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If you want to try AllDay Supermarket’s service and website for yourself, they will be having their AllDay 6th Anniversary Fiesta Sale from November 5 to 17. You can enjoy up to 50% discount on selected products. They will also have some exciting games and prizes so keep checking AllDay Supermarket Social Media accounts!

Funnily enough, the things I ended up buying says a lot about my personality lol. I think I’m well on my way to becoming a #CertifiedAllDayShopper. Check out my haul through my reel:

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