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Bebang’s Halo-Halo, a new cool fave [REVIEW]

Bebang’s Halo-Halo claims to sell the creamiest halo-halo in the solar system. Find out if this is true in my review!

Living in a city where summer feels perennial even during the rainy season, you learn to adapt to the weather. In my case, it seems I’ve unconsciously learned to make a mental list of places and brands I can turn to to cool myself down. Today I’m sharing with you a new entry into this list: Bebang’s Halo Halo.

I have actually been seeing ads for Bebang’s Halo Halo floating around on social media for a while now. Each time the products would make me crave something cold and sweet, so I ended up adding this brand to my to-try list. Like a group of mind-readers, the folks at Bebang’s Halo-Halo ended up beating me to the punch. Before I could get around to ordering from their shop, they sent me some of their products to try!

A brief background

Bebang’s Halo-Halo is a shop located in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong specializing in premium halo-halo. They went viral on TikTok thanks to their Royal Halo-Halo Gold– the one topped with the edible gold flakes. After that, a surge of popularity made it impossible for them to accommodate walk-in customers for a time because they were sold out daily just from online and advanced orders.

For the sake of transparency, Bebang’s Halo-Halo did engage me to write this review, but as always, all opinions stated below are my own.

Spoiler alert: I LOVED THIS!

In a nutshell, I was very pleasantly surprised by these halo-halo products. They looked impressive to begin with, but I am pleased to report that they deliver both in quality and taste as well. These are extremely satisfying desserts! Bebang’s Halo-Halo do not scrimp on their ingredients at all. There is enough in there to ensure that each spoonful will not be just ice or milk. And yes, this is based on my own experience eating these.

I am a total fan of their lush and creamy shredded frozen milk. I believe it is the base of all their halo-halo products, and in itself it’s already a treat! It’s not too sweet and just the right amount of milky. And as they claim, their frozen milk base is super creamy! If you’ve ever eaten bingsu, the texture of their frozen milk is very reminiscent of that. Now just put that fine milky ice in a tall halo-halo glass and pack with Pinoy halo-halo flavors. This is literally a fusion I never thought I needed in my life until I tried Bebang’s Halo-Halo.

At a glance, it may seem that the price tag of Bebang’s Halo-Halo is way higher than the competition’s. I don’t actually see it that way because the value for money factor here is great. First of all, like I mentioned, they don’t short-change you on the ingredients. The cup literally overflows as you try to mix everything together before eating. Second, these halo-halo come in big 16-ounce glasses, which is equivalent to 2 cups. You can eat it on your own but it’s also good for sharing. All that said, with a price point starting at Php 138, I strongly think you get your money’s worth with these products.

I also think their menu is very creative— and I am not just referring to the variety of halo-halo flavors they have. While they are most well-known for their frozen treats, Bebang’s Halo-Halo also sell various flavors of taho and other hot snacks. For this review, I will only be focusing on their frozen delights.

Bebang’s Halo-Halo sent me 6 out of their many many halo-halo products to try. My family and I enjoyed all of them so much I’m excited to tell you about them!

The flavors I got to try

Halo Halo Presidential (Php 168)

Leche flan, pandan jelly, sago, mais, nata, banana cinnamon, ube halaya, langka, special macapuno, and rice crispies all make up this beautiful glass of halo-halo, along with Bebang’s yummy frozen milk!

This is Bebang’s version of a classic halo-halo. Take the halo-halo that we all know and love but replace the usual crushed ice and pour of milk with finely shredded frozen milk. The difference is staggering! Bebang’s use of frozen milk removes the issue I often have with traditional halo-halo, where the ice clumps into hard lumps that’s hard to break down. Not to mention the ice tends to water down the milk as it melts!

With any of Bebang’s Halo-Halo, you can take your time eating through all of the different ingredients in the cup. Every spoonful will remain milky and flavorful and creamy. And mind you, there are A LOT of add-on’s in here. Everyone in the family kept praising this because these days that’s not the norm with store-bought halo-halo anymore.

The Halo Halo Presidential is one of my favorites from the 6 we got to try. Aside from the reasons above, I love that they were generous with the ube halaya (a favorite component of mine in halo-halo)! I honestly keep wondering if I’ll be satisfied with eating the traditional icy halo-halo after this.

Halo Halo Special (Php 138)

Alongside Bebang’s creamy frozen milk, this treat also has leche flan, pandan jelly, sago, mais, nata, banana cinnamon, ube halaya, and rice crispies.

This is their more “bare-bones” basic halo-halo option with almost all the usual trimmings. Enjoyable but I would personally shell out the extra 30 pesos for the Halo-Halo Presidential to get more of everything. (Worth it, trust me.)

Mango Graham Halo Halo (Php 158)

The usual fresh mangoes and graham are layered with leche flan, pandan jelly, caramel syrup, and frozen milk to create this treat.

This one is literally mango graham– with a twist! Personally, I was happy getting just bites of mango and graham with the frozen milk. I loved how this familiar flavor melted into the creamy frozen milk! But then you also get flashes of leche flan and caramel and pandan jelly, and it’s like a mango graham party medley in your mouth! The pandan jelly works surprisingly well here.

Banana Cinnamon Con Yelo (Php 158)

This one’s got leche flan, sago, and vanilla jelly, with loads of banana and caramel syrup in frozen milk. Rice crispies are sprinkled on top for good measure.

This one is like the halo-halo equivalent of a banana pudding. I liked how they balanced the leche flan, sweetened bananas, and the caramel syrup with the frozen milk. They have created a treat that is just the right amount of sweet and just the right amount of milky. I actually did not find that the cinnamon was strong in this one, which is good news for those who don’t super enjoy the spice but really like bananas.

Halukay Ube Halo Halo (Php 158)

Leche flan, pandan jelly, sago, mais, nata, banana cinnamon, ube halaya, langka, special macapuno, and rice crispies are layered underneath glorious ube-flavored frozen milk.

This was another of my favorites along with the Halo Halo Presidential! At first I thought maybe I’m just biased because I tend to enjoy ube desserts a lot, but my brothers also commented that they thought this was a stand-out. The ube milk has just the right amount of flavor and sweetness to be satisfying, never overpowering all the other ingredients in the cup.

I really loved how every bite had a burst of milky ube flavor, complementing everything else you might scoop up from the cup. Totally ordering this again!

Royal Halo Halo Gold (Php 498)

Consists of leche flan, pandan jelly, sliced peaches, strawberry jam, frozen blueberries, mangoes, sago, ube halaya, special macapuno, pistachio and cashew nuts, between layers of Bebang’s signature creamy frozen milk. It’s topped with a torched marshmallow dome, then decorated with edible 24 Karat Gold foil.

Can we take a moment to just admire this?! This giant cup of halo-halo is packed with SO MANY THINGS! This is a combo of Filipino and American dessert flavors in a cup, with the toasted marshmallow topping and all. The gold foil makes one feel SUPER FANCY carrying the halo-halo around haha! It also comes with a golden spoon to complete the look and the eating experience. (What an idea!)

When I first saw this in person, I thought it looked like a trophy. It’s almost too pretty to dig into, honesty speaking. I felt bad poking a spoon into it for the first time, but once we started eating… well. Let’s just say this was demolished.

I found this to be the sweetest among all the flavors we got to try, probably because of the sweet marshmallow topping getting mixed into the frozen milk. However we all agreed it’s still not a level sweet that’s too much to handle. I think it’s just obviously sweeter because all the other flavors above tasted more balanced.

I also found that this had the most interesting mix of add-on’s. You don’t normally see blueberries, peaches, and pistachios in a halo-halo, but true to its “royalty” image the ingredients are sosyal. I do love how this one keeps you guessing at what you’ll be digging out from the cup next! By the way, this is limited edition so you better order now if you want to try this.

A highly recommended treat!

If it wasn’t obvious at this point, I really enjoyed the treats that Bebang’s Halo-Halo sent me! Each and every variant has its own charm, and I’m convinced they will have something for everyone who decides to take a look at their menu. What impressed me most is how consistent they are across their offerings. Sometimes shops that offer a lot of things tend to have consistency issues but not in this case. Even though the Halo-Halo Presidential and the Halukay Ube are my faves, every single one of the halo-halo above was delish.

I often find myself craving for something cold and sweet in the middle of the work-week, or during the weekends after a tiring work-week, and now I found a new mood-booster. Bebang’s Halo-Halo definitely exceeded my expectations. I am not one to quickly jump into the bandwagon of what’s popular online, but I would happily jump into a bathtub of Bebang’s shredded frozen milk!

You can find more information on Bebang’s Halo-Halo through their Facebook and Instagram accounts. I urge you to give them a try because you won’t regret it!


Full disclosure: Bebang’s Halo-Halo engaged me to write this review but all opinions stated above are my own.

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