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The Marketplace’s Pure Imagineocean Eco-bag is here!

Want to help save our Philippine seas? See how The Marketplace’s Pure Imagineocean Eco-bag is allowing us to do just that!

One of the things I’m proudest about when it comes to my home country the Philippines? Our gorgeous beaches. However I will admit that I don’t give enough credit to the parties that work tirelessly to save our seas. If not for them, how else could we continue to bask in the glorious clear waters of our most famous beaches? I decided to collaborate with The Marketplace to somehow rectify this situation, because I feel that this cause they have been supporting is one that is rather worthy.

Pure Imagineocean Eco-bag

This is not just an eco-bag; it’s a bag that can help save Philippine seas! It’s called the Imagineocean Eco-Bag and I think you have to admit, it’s a very cute bag as well. Part of the proceeds for this campaign will go to support Save Philippine Seas or SPS in their mission to organize an Eartheducation Summit. SPS, through their Seatizen Journey, has supported projects in youth leadership, shark conservation, and environmental education.

This year, SPS are aiming to bring together people and organizations who are also working on environmental education via their Eartheducation Summit. Eartheducation is actually SPS’s flagship platform aimed towards educators. Here they instill appreciation for nature and increase conservation literacy so that educators may effectively pass this advocacy onto students. And so this summit will serve as a platform for knowledge exchange and capacity-building.

The Marketplace is doing their part in supporting this advocacy as well by pledging proceeds from the sale of the Pure Imagineocean Eco-Bag. As a buyer, you not only get an adorable and useful bag, you can also feel good about it because you know that you have contributed to a great cause! You can get a discounted Pure Imagineocean eco-bag for only P199 (regular price of P279) for a minimum purchase of P1,500, but you also need to have P500 worth of participating items. Some of the brands participating in this cause are Libby’s, Nong Shim, Purefoods, and Nestle Ice Cream, so it shouldn’t be too hard! This promo is from March 2 until May 13, 2023 only.

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A little info on Save Philippine Seas

Save Philippine Seas or SPS started in May 2011 as an online social media campaign responding to a major illegal wildlife trade case. You may remember this case being coined by the media as “the rape of the Philippine Seas.” The campaign was meant to be short-lived, focused on this particular case only, but unexpectedly it continued to grow. In February 2013, they officially became a non-profit organization called Philippine Seatizens, Inc.

Screenshot from the SPS website because I loved the spiel so much!

SPS have quite a lot of programs actually, and I just thought I’d list them down here just so you can have an idea how hard-working and serious this organization is when it comes to sea conservation efforts. Definitely worthy of support methinks!

  • Sea and Earth Advocates (SEA) Camp. An intensive environmental education and leadership program for 18-23 year old youths. For seven to eight days, the SEA Campers participate in workshops, panel discussions, and outdoor activities. This program aims to raise awareness on coastal and marine issues; promote pro-environmental behavior; and build a network of marine conservationists in Southeast Asia. It is a project of SPS and the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines, supported by the U.S. State Department and the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative.
  • A-B-Seas. For those interested in marine conservation, but don’t know where to start. This is a three-day experiential learning activity that aims to increase awareness and knowledge on the marine environment’s status, issues, threats, and solutions. Typically for ages 9 to 18.
  • Eartheducation. This is the cause that The Marketplace are supporting as mentioned above.
  • SuBMarine. Aka Sustainable Businesses for Marine Conservation. Focuses on working with business to promote marine conservation. They have previously worked with Globe Telecom, Huawei, Coca-Cola, Adidas, and Kiehl’s, to name a few.
  • Mainstream Refilling. An advocacy led by SPS and Human Nature. This is essentially a petition for the government to establish safe, widely accessible refilling stations for cosmetics and household products to lessen plastic wastes in the sea. You can also sign the petition HERE.
  • Waste Watchers (WW). An umbrella campaign that aims to reduce single-use plastics at source.
  • Shark Shelter Project. Community-based, multi-stakeholder initiative based in Malapascua Island, Cebu. It aims to protect the thresher shark (Alopias pelagicus) and other coastal and marine resources.
  • Save Sharks Network Philippines (SSNP). A coalition of organizations, communities, and institutions in the Philippines working on shark and ray research and conservation. Focuses on organizing activities and creating campaigns to raise the public’s awareness on sharks; identifying issues and ways forward for the conservation, management, and utilization of sharks. Co-founded in 2014 by SPS, Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines, and Greenpeace Philippines.

For more information, follow Save Philippine Seas on Facebook and on Instagram!


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