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    The Tummy Train Food Awards 2020, aka my 20 favorite products of the year

    I almost forgot to make this list, which is ironic considering how I’ve been preparing it for several months already; adding to it little by little as I fell in love with this product and that. Though I decided to skip a December round-up, I have surprisingly managed to religiously post monthly favorites this 2020. It’s quite a task, to be frank, and I’m not sure I can continue on with this expensive habit in 2021. Nonetheless, in this list you will find what are, in my opinion, the 20 best things I ate in 2020.

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    November 2020 Round-Up: 7 delicious new discoveries

    It’s both fascinating and annoying how time literally zips by the moment you enter the -ber months. Yesterday it was just September, and suddenly we’re less than 30 days away from the end of another year. But oh what a year it has been, am I right? This intro is more suited to my year-end wrap-up, but I can’t help but lament how 2020 has been both so short and so long at the same time.

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    October 2020 Round-Up: A balanced list of favorites

    October’s list is significantly shorter than any of the lists I’ve been making lately. I suppose it’s because of my sudden pickiness when it comes to ordering, but I also think it’s because we’ve been cooking and baking quite a lot in the house this October. I have been insanely busy to a degree even I don’t understand lol. In any case, I have 10 things on my list this month, and it might just be the very epitome of quality over quantity because most of the things in this list may also make it to my year-end faves.

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    September 2020 Round-Up: Asian food and fluffy breads galore!

    I’ve been pretty picky with my buys lately, ordering (and receiving) significantly less things these past few weeks than I have the previous months. With that, I was actually expecting my round-up to whittle down to less than 10 items. Shockingly, that’s not the case! But when I look through the things that have ended up in this list, I realize it’s not ridiculous at all. I ate a lot of good things in September.

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    August 2020 Round-Up: Lots of coffee and food with international flavors

    The months are passing by slowly, but somehow it also feels a bit jarring that it’s already September. I constantly feel like I’m stuck inside a reality that feels uneventful, because the days all look the same– home and office– from Mondays to Sundays. But at the same time, I can’t quite rightly say that nothing is happening, because this situation we live and deal with everyday is itself the main event. My subconscious response to missing “normal life” has manifested itself through impulse buys and purchases of food-related items that I feel might add some color and contrast to my days. Some of them do, some of them don’t.

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    #SupportLocal Round-Up & Favorites for July 2020

    July has felt like the longest month this year for me. I think it’s because it was the most exhausting month I’ve had to go through so far. I was swamped with so much work and I couldn’t seem to figure out how to balance things, so my solution was to attempt to take it easy on the last week of July. Interestingly, I think the high stress level also caused me to engage in a bit more online shopping of food. I am REALLY quite surprised by how long this month’s list is. 16 items! I had to force a cut off, so I already have some favorites for…