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    A cake not for the faint-hearted lemon-lover

    Well where did January go? I must admit I no longer really comment about how fast time flies since that’s become a bit of a norm these days, but this does feel like one of the most tiring January’s I’ve ever encountered. I honestly feel like I’m developing migraines or something. Stress at work has been high, and so my birthday felt just like any other day of the year. Not that it bothers me that much since I’m not one to make a big deal out of my own birthday, but for sure on this space, there was a lack of cake. And birthdays without cake just feels downright…

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    I love lemony things, that’s a fact

    Today I feel like doing something different with my post. Since I’ve never done this before, I thought it would be fun to share some things about myself. Nothing too personal, you know? Just a bunch of trivia-like tidbits about me. So, here goes 10 random facts about moi: 10. I am one in the gazillion people who love making lists of just about anything. I always have a notebook and a pen in my bag. 9. I have pretty decent drawing skills, if I do say so myself. In fact it is the first “talent” I discovered when I was a kid, but I didn’t get to nurture it…

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    My first two recipes using my new tiny doughnut pan

    My godmother sent me my first doughnut pan all the way from Taiwan last month. It’s been pretty darn near impossible to find the thing locally so you can probably imagine how I felt the moment I opened the package and saw it. I was over the moon! Even though a moment later I realized the pan was way smaller than the normal size, I was more than happy to receive it. It’s so much better than not having a pan at all! (She also sent over a doughnut cutter for yeasted doughnuts but we can talk about that later on.)  I’m not such an avid doughnut-eater but I have…

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    So I bought a pack of marzipan, Part 2

    I have mentioned plenty of times before how much I love making bread. There’s just something therapeutic and exciting about it at the same time. Baking is wondrous in how it turns something colourless and shapeless into a piece of edible art, and I think this magic is more evident in yeast breads. It starts out as a sticky piece of dough that somehow has a life of its own thanks to the yeast. You wait patiently as it rises and grows and puffs up, and once you shape it and put it into the oven it bakes into perfect little breads with beautiful crumbs. It sometimes pays to sit back and just appreciate the transformation from dough to bread.…

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    A sweet and sour surprise to show some sisterly love

    I suppose I’ll have to apologise for my extended absence after my birthday post, but this is going to be a long one to make up for that. It’s actually two different recipes rolled into one post, but recipes that complement each other in ways that the first bite will immediately make you understand. Let me put it into a simple equation: macarons + ice cream = ultimate indulgence. I’d have this over cake any day, any time. Now a little backstory for how this recipe actually came to be made: It was actually Jason’s request for our birthday. I told him I’d make him whatever he wanted as a…

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    The angels sing about lime and pistachio

    In truth, the macaron was not the first “daunting” egg white recipe I made. It was actually this angel food cake that was so instrumental in boosting my confidence for making egg-white desserts. I made this about a week before my first macaron attempt, but I am only writing about it now because the excitement over my macaron success crashed into and basically obliterated everything else at the time. It didn’t seem fair to write about this in passing while riding the tide of excitement over the macarons. This particular angel food cake deserves more attention than that.