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    A quick Matcha Granola recipe to perk up your Mondays

    It’s Monday again and I’m feeling the Monday Blues, which is ironic since I’m writing about a recipe right now that’s in the shade of green. I was on the verge of procrastinating yet again just now; going back and forth about whether I should blog today or tomorrow or the next day… But then I really wanted to talk about this little super easy-to-make treat. It’s definitely a recipe that needs to be passed along to my fellow matcha lovers. So I’ll keep this post short and straight to the point: You guys have to try this Matcha Granola recipe. All it takes is 3 steps!

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    A Two Broke Girls Kitchen Experiment, Part 2

    All right! I hope you didn’t think I was going away quietly after that first not-quite-a-copycat recipe. Since realizing that Max’s version of the cupcakes from Two Broke Girls are in fact most probably chocolate, I told myself I really needed to make a chocolate-based cupcake just to compare it to the previous “white cake” version I made. I was supposed to write about this a little earlier but I’ve been feeling a little exhausted lately. It’s probably because I’ve been pushing myself too much and resting too little. I really need to take it easy and unwind this weekend! Anyway, going back to this version of the Spring Break…

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    A Two Broke Girls Kitchen Experiment, Part 1

    Beer-batter Maple-Bacon Spring Break Cupcakes. A huuuge mouthful but something I haven’t been able to forget since I first heard it. I think most people who watch the show Two Broke Girls are familiar with this particular “stoner cupcake” created by Max during that episode where they even got Martha Stewart to taste it in the women’s powder room. Haha! That hilarious episode aside, I have been wondering for the longest time just how exactly this Spring Break Cupcake tastes like. I did some research and came up with a surprisingly short list of satisfactory results. I set it aside and forgot about it until my brother’s recent Two Broke…

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    No turning back now + Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars

    When I started this whole blogging thing, I had no idea what to expect. All I aimed for was a place to share the things I bake/cook and shoot. Now it feels like a little more than that. Aside from the newfound goal of teaching others and encouraging others to cook and bake too, now I get these crazy ideas and do these crazy things that I probably wouldn’t have had I not started this blog. I wake up really early during Sunday mornings feeling invigorated and excited to run into the kitchen even though Sundays are all I have for “rest”. I forget my week’s worth of exhaustion during…

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    Nigella’s No-Fuss Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

    The reason for making this cake began with a Desperate Housewives episode. My mother saw Bree’s gorgeous Upside Down Cake and said, “Mmmm… I want some. Why haven’t you made this cake?” I shrugged, and then I made it. And it wasn’t easy, mind you. I followed a recipe that called for making a thick caramel syrup base and for some reason, my sugar and butter just wouldn’t mix together and turn into a liquid caramel. The butter and sugar kept separating, and in one instance, I managed to make caramel candy crystals, which was lovely if only that was what I had been trying to do in the first…