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    2019 Year-End Wrap-Up & Favorites

    2019 is a bit hard to put into words. On one side, it’s one of my least productive blogging years in terms of number of posts I managed to produce. At the same time, I kind of feel like in terms of quality posts, this year has been one of my best. In the past I’ve always been grasping for my identity as a content creator, but this year I felt like I was truly growing into who and what I envisioned. I was putting a bit more effort doing content that really mattered to me even if it took me longer. Even if it was a little more difficult.…

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    My Top 10 Foodie Favorites of 2017 + Year-End Wrap-Up

    As I come at you today with my Top 10 Favorites of 2017, I’m sitting here in slight disbelief that another year has come to an end. The year flew past faster than ever! In my case, that’s actually a good thing. 2017 was not a great year for me. I spent most of the time feeling down and stuck in a rut, and it just wasn’t a very great year for me emotionally and psychologically.

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    The art of giving and receiving: A Christmas Gift Guide for the foodie in your life!

    You know one of the things I noticed about growing up? It’s that there seems to be less gifts under the tree the more years pass by. I guess people have this idea that since you’re working already, you have the means to buy whatever it is you want yourself. With this in mind, maybe they believe that whatever they give you will probably not be up to par, so they choose to stop. But let’s get real for a second: who the heck doesn’t like receiving gifts? Whether it’s for Christmas or a birthday, it’s always nice to feel like you’re being remembered. That’s what gifts mean to me anyway– that the giver has…

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    Some of my Mother’s favourite recipes

    Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers the world over! This is the day we kids should make extra special effort to show how much we love the woman who brought us into this world! I can’t even begin to express to my Mom how grateful I am for everything– everything!— she has ever done for me and taught me. She has given me advise whenever I needed it even if I was too stubborn or proud to ask, and in her own way she has taught me the most valuable lessons I need in my life. It’s funny to even hear her talk about my horrible spoiled brat phase as a…

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    A yummy Valentine’s round-up

    My second round-up in 2 weeks? I admit I haven’t been cooking up a storm lately, but the good news is I’m actually getting an opportunity to bring back some of my old favourites from the archives that fit the occasion at hand some way or another. If you, like myself, are a fan of giving homemade gifts to loved ones during whatever occasion (and frankly even when there is no occasion at all), then here is a last minute Valentine’s bake-ables list that can help you do just that! 1. First up we have this year’s Valentine’s recipe the Sweet Heart Cupcakes— a moist chocolate cupcake touched by pretty-in-pink…

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    A little late recipe round-up for Nutella Day 2014

    So as most Nutella-lovers know, a couple of days ago World Nutella Day was celebrated, and I unfortunately did not have time this year to make any Nutella treat. But looking through my archives I see that I have some really awesome Nutella recipes that are worth mentioning anyway even though I’m a few days late. Hopefully you find something you like enough to make, because Nutella is not just awesome on bread or from a spoon, it’s really great for pastries and ice cream as well, especially when mixed with bananas. It’s why Nutella is one of my favourite ingredients to work with. Well let’s get down to it!…