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    Of 10 hour road trips and empanada hangovers

    During the 5-day Easter holiday weekend, the family decided to pack some bags and board the bus all the way to the Northern part of the archipelago. It was, to say the least, a road-trip filled with stiff legs and even stiffer necks, but going with a group of family friends seemed to have made the long travel somewhat bearable. People go to Ilocos mostly for its rich historical sites. During the 16th century, the Spaniards arrived in their giant ships and began introducing Roman Catholicism to the natives. They built grand churches and bell towers that up to this day are still being visited by the devout and frequented…

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    {Sawatdee, Thailand!} The Bangkok cityscape & nightlife

    Leaving behind the mountainous land of the elephants, not to mention the lovely weather, we were back in Bangkok on our last few days in Thailand. Although Thailand’s cityscape is not as bright as the likes of Shanghai or Singapore, I was still impressed by the sights we witnessed as we took a dinner cruise along the famous Chao Phraya River. The food was admittedly nothing special, although there was a lot to choose from right from pasta, to sushi, to the usual Thai fare. There was also some entertainment on board, a lot of singing in all different languages. The singer assigned to our ship was actually quite talented,…

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    {Sawatdee, Thailand!} Of clever changs & the story of baby Mosha

    I’ve always felt that elephants are given less credit and attention than they should be. A lot of cartoons depict them as giant dim-witted oafs, and they are anything but! It’s actually quite insulting to how intelligent they truly are. Elephants are amazing creatures. They have eyes that look either somber or all-knowing, but after seeing the elephants or changs in this camp, I would add ‘mischievously sparkling’ to that list of descriptions.

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    {Sawatdee, Thailand!} Some bits & bites in Chiang Mai

    After a day of canoe-induced shopping, we flew all the way to the northern part of Thailand, to the lovely mountainous city of Chiang Mai. The weather was a hundred times more fantastic (and more like the December weathers I’m used to) than the sizzling heat of Bangkok. We finally had a chance to wear our scarves, but mostly for the fashion of it. The days aren’t hot, but neither is it cold enough to merit sweaters. For the most part, cardigans are enough to keep you rightly warm, especially during the evenings. Chiang Mai is known to be the cultural centre of Northern Thailand, and its many temples or…

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    {Sawatdee, Thailand!} Shopping from a boat & a taste of Thailand

    While I haven’t been able to pay off even close to half of my enormous amount of sleep debt, it’s certainly no excuse for me to have taken this long to write this post (or neglect my blog for that matter), and for that I apologise. I was so meticulous in choosing the photos and planning them out that it took me nearly forever before I could finalise them all! But be sure that I’ve got tons of photos and things I want to talk about, so I’m separating the whole trip in to four long, but hopefully not boring, posts. I hope you’ll enjoy (and forgive my blabbering)! It’s…

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    {Shifting Tides} Dos Palmas Resort, Palawan

    Last month, my Dad surprised us with this trip to an Island Resort. It was just what I needed, some sunshine and white sand. I was considering whether or not I should blog about the trip because I wasn’t able to document it very well, but I felt that I should write about it anyway. Before we left, I had been going through some difficult issues related to the whole business of “growing up”. This trip felt like a sort of turning point in my life, because my experiences that led to my realizations on certain matters began while we were here. I just didn’t know it at the time.…