The surprising charms of Asian Red Bean Bread

Red Bean Tangzhong Bread 1 - The surprising charms of Asian Red Bean Bread

When it comes to beans, I’m not really particular. I neither actively seek them out nor do I remove them piece by piece from my chilli. They’re just one of those things I don’t mind, you know? But there are particular moments when I’d eat them wholeheartedly, and one of them would certainly be when they make an appearance inside Asian Red Bean Bread.

I know red bean isn’t exactly for everyone, but it’s hard to just ignore how well it goes with the tangzhong-style Asian fluffy bread. In fact, I even went out of my way to acquire a bag of red bean paste from Cartimar just so I could make this bread. (You won’t use the whole 800 grams for this recipe.)

Learning to love the green tea-red bean combination

Matcha Red Bean Buns 1 1 - Learning to love the green tea-red bean combination

We’re taking a little break from the Japan travel blogs because I haven’t had the time to make the next posts in the series yet. But what else should I write about except this Japanese-inspired bread? This has been on my drafts folder for such a looooong long time. So long I don’t even want to tell you the exact date! But clearly these buns have made quite the impression on me, because the moment I saw the photos again, I immediately remembered what they tasted like.

I haven’t always been the biggest fan of red beans. It’s not that I hate it or anything. I just feel very… blah about it. Red bean flavour is one of those things I never crave but if it’s presented to me I wouldn’t exactly throw it aside. One of my brothers in comparison always cringes and makes a face right before taking a bite of anything red bean related, like a ritual of some sort. But the important thing is: he eats it anyway. Just like with these buns. 🙂

c44dabcb45529d782cd183e90cf82ffc - Learning to love the green tea-red bean combination

Edible horns filled with Nutella cream anyone?

16515558363 4721a55101 b - Edible horns filled with Nutella cream anyone?

The world of food is fascinating. It seems there is always something that gets created everyday that can serve each and every person’s gastronomic whim. Whatever version you prefer of a particular dish or food item, there’s bound to be a recipe for it. It’s bound to exist.

Food is one of those things you will never run out of opportunities to discover. You will always have the chance to form opinions and establish favourites because eating is an everyday thing. I guess that’s why I enjoy this whole food blogging business so much. I feel like with every dish that I make, or every plate that is set down before me, there are endless possibilities. Endless options and tweaks and new flavours that can be added.

Sometimes I wonder about Spanish Bread

16515545473 dd0892620b b - Sometimes I wonder about Spanish Bread

When I was in high school and history was a required subject, zoning out in class seemed to be a contagious disease among students. Whenever the teacher asked a question you can practically hear the crickets sing. At times some of us would get sick of the silence and raise our hands to answer just so the discussion could move along, whether we be right or wrong. I’m one of those students– kind of passively listening and observing in the background but active when necessary. But I do remember liking it when I got the answers right.

It didn’t occur to me at that time that I had an interest in world history until I found out I was practically the only one who would read our history books in advance. Like waaay in advance. Kids don’t care about stuff like that during that age, and I didn’t think I did either. For me I was just doing my due diligence, and advanced reading was pretty normal for me. But then the teacher started calling my name everyday and somehow I always knew the answers to who did what, where at what point in time.

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