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    One of my favourite Filipino breads in 3 forms

    There are about a million kinds of breads in the world and I love trying them all. French breads and Japanese breads are among my favourites, but I always- always– find myself drifting back to Filipino bread at the end of the day. There’s something about them that’s so comforting; something that fills me with strong feelings related to home and belongingness more than any other Filipino food so far I think. My soul food, I guess you can call it. Whatever time of the day, nothing beats having a piping hot cup of coffee in one hand and a warm piece of fluffy pan de sal in the other. Unless…

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    {Christmas Countdown 2013} My second bibingka, this time much better

    When I was a kid, I had a fierce love for bibingka. My Mother used to take me to church a lot during the Christmas season, and the sellers of bibingka and puto bumbong would be lined up outside all day long. The smell wafting through the church doors was irresistible, and it would not be a rare sight for me to tug at my Mother’s skirt to signal that I wanted some bibingka. As a child, I knew Christmas was around the corner when a bazillion bibingka and puto-bumbong sellers suddenly pop up out of nowhere and line our usually empty school sidewalks.

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    Who needs a reason for homemade Pocky Sticks?

    My best friend and I got to talking about our young adult life problems earlier today and we touched on the topic of reasons– of why things happen the way they do, of why people act a certain way and do the things they do. Why. An infinitesimal word made up of three letters, yet possibly one of the most profound of them all. It can go unanswered forever, whisking away any attempt at closure. It has the power to haunt someone for the rest of their lives. It’s a mystery we want solved, it seems, regardless of what subject or situation is attached to it. Often the explanations are…

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    {Filipino Food-Love} Days of pan de sal lovin’

    I have very real love for breakfast. But among all the breakfast foods I enjoy, I have to say there is nothing quite like a hot piece of pan de sal in the morning. A perfect pan de sal is super soft, light, and airy, with a slightly crunchy exterior. It has just a hint of sweetness that will allow you to eat it on its own or as a sandwich bread. I know people who can scarf down a dozen pieces of pan de sal in one sitting armed with just a piping hot mug of coffee. Regretfully I am not one of those people, because my stomach capacity…

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    Yes, I’m actually a videogame nerd

    Well it’s not a secret, but it’s not something I get to discuss at length. I super love videogames. I love it so much I once made concept art for a game I had an idea for. (Also something you didn’t know about me, I love to draw!) When I was in high school, I played a ton of RPGs on the Playstation 2. Ahhh memories… The downside to RPGs is that it takes time and dedication to finish, and if you’re a perfectionist like me, you try to finish all the side-quests (eg. Finding all 101 Dalmatians in all the Kingdom Hearts games) and unlock all the bonuses, which…

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    Hi chocolate, it’s nice to matcha!

    Did I really just write that title? I’m sorry. So I finally managed to track down some matcha powder some weeks ago, and unfortunately it’s not the sort I’m looking for. It seems like a really mild type of matcha. From what I’ve been seeing in photos, the concentrated one has a greener hue; and from what I’ve been reading, it has a stronger taste. I can barely taste my matcha in this bread. No, scratch that– I can only taste the matcha if I concentrate really really hard. If I close my eyes and really try to unlock my tastebuds, I can taste the wonderful green tea notes with…