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    Some Spicy Tuna Pad Thai to start with

    I didn’t realise that looking at the photos of my pad thai now would give me such a great sense of pride. As you can see, I finally decided to cook something rather than just bake and bake like I’ve been doing since the blog came to be. It’s strange but I’ve always felt intimidated by cooking. Factoring in my lack of culinary confidence and that fact that cooking has more to do with technique than measurements, I tend to shy away from making anything as crucial as a meal. 

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    Bee Yin Low’s Amazing Honey Walnut Shrimp

    By jove, she cooks! That’s the thought that enters my mind whenever I can tear myself away from the baking books long enough to cook something. To tell you honestly, I’m a bigger fan of eating “real” food compared to pastries and sweets, however for one reason or another, I like the act of baking a lot more. I’m guessing that’s about to change, now that I’ve gotten started with the cooking part with the help of Ms. Bee Yin Low! The first cooking recipe I featured here (which was amazing by the way!) was from her Rasa Malaysia blog, the Asian cuisine blog I surf and bookmark the heck…