A revelation in the form of liquid buttermilk

I took a bit of an unplanned break from this space for a few days and I have a very valid reason. I was hit on the head with an anvil eureka moment, you see. It’s been a while since an idea impressed itself upon me with such force and clarity that I simply couldn’t ignore it. Far the past several days I have been writing in a different way, fiction actually. And it’s been so glorious to tell you the truth, having the words flow out of me with such tenacity. My greatest love and I are rekindling our romance.

But right now I’m taking a short break from that, turning my attention to something I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while. A magic ingredient, if you will. It starts with a B and ends with a K, and no it’s not Bjork. She’s not even an ingredient. I know, you’re all probably rolling your eyes right now at the corniness of that “joke”, or maybe you’re rolling your eyes asking yourself what’s so special about buttermilk.

Well folks where I live, buttermilk in liquid form isn’t easily accessible. It’s available in powder form, and you can create the milk + vinegar/lemon juice solution at home, but I’ve been convinced for the longest time that nothing can equate to actual buttermilk. And after my first bottle, I’m feeling pretty convinced about my theory.

It was, like most of the surprise ingredients I have had the chance to bake/cook with for the blog, a completely unexpected turn of events. I was visiting the refurbished and rebranded All About Baking store in Quezon City (my new baking supply mecca) and there they were: a line of bottled liquid white gold. It was in the refrigerator alongside the butters and whipped creams. I contemplated getting two bottles, but I have learned that impulse buying ingredients is a good way to feel guilty about tossing away unused food. So I stuck with one bottle.

And boy, I really need to go back there.

What I love about buttermilk is that not only can you use it to achieve beautiful texture on your baked goods, it’s also such a great ingredient to use for cooking. Among the things I’m looking forward to trying with my next bottle of buttermilk is the Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Just hearing the raves about that dish is enough to make my mouth water. But for now I’ll be sharing something a little more tamed in the form of Buttermilk Roasted Chicken, which is really great served with some of the best biscuits I have ever had the pleasure of eating!

Yep, two recipes are coming at you today. Can you tell I’m trying to make up for lost time here?
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