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    Driving slow on Sunday mornings

    I needed to borrow a line from Maroon 5 because it perfectly describes the Sundays I’ve been spending this last month and a half. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re probably sick of hearing me complain about how tired I’ve been recently. Sorry, guys. There just have been weeks when I feel so out of it that I don’t spend time in the kitchen at all (thank goodness for backlogs and former baking frenzies). I haven’t made any breads in a while which makes me sad, but I’ve gained a new appreciation for things that are quick to whip up with an equally satisfying pay-off. And since…

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    Making the easiest ice cream ever

    Where have I been these past few days? Well, it’s been crazy. I contemplated taking a hiatus from blogging, but that would be the absolute worst thing I can do for myself, especially at a time like this. I don’t want to give up all the things that keep me sane. I’m firm in my resolve to keep blogging in general, and to keep having kitchen adventures to write about. But sometimes, things happen that can get in the way of the things we want to do. The days following the 15th of January have been tremendous, and in a bad, really tiring way. It feels like someone pulled a…

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    Low-fat Oatmeal Banana Bread for my soul

    I’ve been having such a rotten streak lately and I absolutely hate it. Since my last post, a couple of things happened that have left me feeling like someone drowning in a fountain of emotion, and today finally, I am drained and fatigued. You know how in the height of your emotions, you feel like you have so much fight inside you it could lift a mountain? Well when it ebbs, all that is left is a hollow tiredness. The fight in me just went poof and in a moment I am certain I will begin to realise how much time and energy I have wasted being stupidly upset. Oddly…

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    {Kitchen Diaries} We’re just loafing around

    Well it would seem that I have run across some form of streak with the loaves I’ve been making as of late. They’ve all been really good, and I could only wish I managed to take really good photos so that these recipes can be featured on the blog in the way that they deserve. Alas, my photos aren’t exactly to my liking, so I decided I would just write a Round-Up. The first two loaves are these fantastic quickbreads; chock full of lovely flavors that really hit one spot or another. The third loaf though I found a bit strange. Let’s just say that although going the healthy route…

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    Flour Bakery’s I-understand-why-it’s-Famous Banana Bread + Cookbook

    I’m a skeptic when it comes to things that are heavily hyped. The most recent thing that comes to mind is the Twilight series, which I’m sorry to say -and this is just my opinion- is rather terrible. (I’ve never had issues hanging out with people who like this as long as they do not try to convert me or annoy me with their fandom.) However there are some things that the hype machine gets right, and that includes this cookbook. One of the first bakeries I ever heard about when I started food blogging was the Flour Bakery. I didn’t actually know anything much else about it, only that…

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    Going no-frills for World Nutella Day

    I had imagined all manners of extravagance for my first World Nutella Day offering, and even though what I have cooked up today is rather simple, it is in no way plain in flavour. And quite frankly, if this is the sort of breakfast one wakes up to everyday, perhaps even the late risers would pull in a little more effort to wake up early, if only to ensure they get their fair share.