Bayani Brew wants you to be an #EverydayBayani

Bayani Brew 1 - Bayani Brew wants you to be an #EverydayBayani

What does it mean to be a hero?

Do you have to be a martyr? Do you have to take up arms and lead a battalion of men into the battlefield? Do you have to invent a cure for cancer? The truth is, you don’t have to accomplish such a tall order of things to feel like a hero. You don’t have to do something in an earth-shaking magnitude to feel like you made a difference in the world.

You can start small. You can start with something that you can actually realistically contribute to.

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Most of us will probably never end up with our names on history books like one Jose Rizal or one Nelson Mandela, but ask yourself: Is that the only thing that truly counts? How about going to bed every night with the knowledge that you did something good that day? You see, even the smallest things can create a ripple, which means we always have a chance to make a difference in this world.

That’s why I love brands that give us regular people a chance to contribute to society in a good way, just like what Bayani Brew has been doing for years. I was first introduced to Bayani Brew by my younger brother a long time ago; when he brought me home a bottle of their Kick-Ass Lemongrass iced tea after doing some community service with Gawad Kalinga. Since then we try to buy Bayani Brew as much as we can.

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What makes me admire Bayani Brew so much is the fact that they support Filipino farmers. I know that in other countries, farmers are respected for the obvious reason that they are the ones who produce the food that each household brings to their tables. But here in the Philippines that is not the case.

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