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    Simple birthdays and lemon cakes with chocolate

    I’ve never really been the sort for extravagant celebrations, not especially since the void created by my grandma’s death is still a bit fresh. I’m simply not the kind of person who acts extra special when it’s her birthday. It feels just like any other day to me. I don’t even recall wishing hard and blowing out candles for the last couple of years. But the thing I look forward to when there’s a birthday are definitely the lunches or dinners out with the whole family. Oh, and the chance to make another layer cake.

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    A cake to match a relationship of epic proportions

    My brother Jason and I have a love-hate relationship that reaches to the extremes of the Universe. So epic is it in fact, that during the times we absolutely hate each other, I would go so far as to give him the silent treatment for weeks at a time and completely ignore his existence. And it’s not only me who doesn’t get along with him, my other siblings often have it out with him as well, but not as… awe-inspiring as my fights with him can get sometimes. When we were younger it was much, much worse. My parents used to joke that we were like cat and dog, though…

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    {Dearly Dreaming Dorie} A Black and White birthday cake for Papa

    I don’t tend to say it out loud, but I like going out of my way to do things for my Dad, big or small. That’s why despite having zero experience and practice in making real layer cakes, I stubbornly pushed through with this one. I wanted to make him a birthday cake. A few open cookbooks later, I decided on one of the most elegant-looking cakes in Dorie Greenspan’s wonderful cookbook. It’s become such a habit for me to pick a Dorie Greenspan recipe whenever I’m baking something for the first time. I have had much success using her recipes; but I turn to her mostly because I like…