I heart Bouchon’s Chocolate Chip & Chunk Cookies

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe I have found THE ONE.

Let me get down to it: these cookies are the most delicious and the most beautiful chocolate chip cookies I have ever made and put in my mouth. There I said it.

I kind of hate myself right now because my photography does not give justice to just how gorgeous these cookies are! The dark and stormy weather on the day I made these was a glaring contrast to just how bright and delicious these were. But you know what solved all those petty annoyances? A bite of these cookies. Just a bite and I could forget about everything else, and that included nearly forgetting to photograph for this post!

Previously, I had thought the NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookies were the most gorgeous (and also really delicious), with Alton Brown’s The Chewy having the best taste, but here we are with the Bouchon version and I find myself at a loss for words for how seriously good these are.
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